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Luscious Winter Lips With Suzanne Walsh

Monday, 19 November 2007

Today we're showing you how to keep your lips crack -free and kissable this winter!

To help avoid dry, chapped & cracked lips, follow a five step plan

Step 1:- Soften!
Suzanne recommends that the first step of the programme is to soften lips so as to loosen up dead skin and so that the exfoliation process is not too harsh. Petroleum jelly is a good product to use here or the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Mask.

Step 2 - Exfoliate!
The second step of the programme is to remove dead cells, and encourage the growth of fresh cells on the dermal layer. Suzanne recommends using a soft toothbrush (perhaps a baby's toothbrush) or a soft warm damp face cloth. As the petroleum jelly is removed, the flakes of skin will come with it. An alternative is Yves Saint Laurent's Baume Exfoliant €22.

Step 3 - Moisturise!
This step replaces and intensifies moisture in the lips, with the aid of moisturizing lip balms and conditioners. Suzanne recommends unflavoured balms as we tend to lick flavoured ones more often and this dries our lips out further.

Suzanne will discuss lip balms and why it's important not to use intensely moisturising products all the time as lips become accustomed to them and so slow down their own natural protective function. However lips do not contain sebum so a light moisturising balm is worthwhile.

Suzanne recommends Dr Murad Energizing Pomergranate Lip Therapy SPF 15 Gloss
Dermalogica Climate Control for Lips
Dr. Hauschka

Step 4 -Treat for sores & cracks!
Cold sores/herpes simplex
This is a recurring skin condition, appearing at times when the skin's resistance is lowered through ill health or stress. It may also be caused by exposure of the skin to the extremes of temperature to ultra violet light. They are infectious.

Treat with anti-inflammatory cream such as 'Zovirax' or 'Blisteze'. Vitamin B is also recommended always -ask your pharmacist for their recommendations.

Lysine (oral tablets, twice daily) is also recommended to prevent against sores.

Step 5 - No Bleed Lip Colour!


. Apply Foundation onto lips as it provides a good base and smooth surface to apply your lipstick

. Try to avoid sweet smelling and tasting lipsticks as you will tend to lick it off which only encourages chapped lips

. Remove wine stains and dead skin cells by exfoliating with an old soft toothbrush

. Moisturising masks are ideal for the lips as well so don't leave them out

. Blotting with tissue will help to set the lipstick.

. If you're going to wear a strong lip colour, tone down the eyes. Only ever accentuate either the eyes or the lips never both as it looks too much.

. Use a lip balm with spf all year round to protect  delicate lips from sun damage


. Wear a light lip balm, preferably flavour free
. Don't bite or pick lips. Instead do a three step mini treatment 1. moisturise, 2. remove dead skin with warm damp face cloth, 3. moistuise.
. Try and use a lip balm with an spf.
. Never put pens, pencils into the mouth.
. Wipe down phones and head sets with an anti- bacterial wipe regularly.
. Never rest hands on your face or put  finger tips ands nails into the mouth.
. If you suffer with cold sores treat immediately with pharmacists advice.
. Try taking Lysin daily to prevent cold sore breakouts.
. Be aware that dry, cracked lips could mean that you are a little down. Ask your pharmacist about supplements to boost your system.


Vaseline (D)
Dermalogica intensive moisture mask (S)
Yves Saint Laurent's Baume Exfoliant €22. (S)
Facecloth (S)
Baby's toothbrush (D)
Dr Murad Energizing Pomergranate Lip Therapy SPF 15 Gloss (S)
Dermalogica Climate Control for Lips (S)
Dr. Hauschka Lip balm (D)
Zovirax (D)
Blisteze (D)
Vitamin B (D)
Lysine (D)
YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick  (S)

Dr Murad Energizing Pomergranate Lip Therapy SPF 15 Gloss
Formulated with antioxidant-rich Pomergranate Extract, this revitalizing formula improves texture, restores suppleness and infuses your lips with deep hydration, causing a plumpness to the lips.
Now available in a key-ring handy size to attach to your phone or keys, allowing you to 'plump' up those lips in a jiffy!!
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