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High Brow Eyebrows

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Today, we're showing you how to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your face!

Waxing is a fast and fairly easy alternative to plucking your eyebrows. Although it is generally best to get eyebrows waxed professionally it can be expensive. If you have a tighter budget, or if you are feeling brave, here are some simple steps for you to try at home. . .

1) Preparing the Eyebrow
Brush the eyebrow into place with a baby toothbrush or clean mascara wand, so that their natural shape is neatly defined. Next, apply an astringent such as "No Scream Cream" to numb the sensitive skin under the brow. Work out your natural brow shape by standing several feet away from a mirror, and following these simple steps.

Working out the length of the eyebrow
Hold a pen parallel to your nose, and level with the inner corner of the eye, to work out where the brow should begin. If your eyes are close together, make the gap between the brows wider. If your eyes are far apart, don't wax the start line of the brow too much so that they are closer together. Mark the correct point with a dot.

Working out the curve of the eyebrow
You can work out where the highest point of the curve/ arch should be by holding a ruler from the edge of the nostril past the outer edge of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and up to the eyebrow. Mark the spot with a dot.

Final planning

Now link up the dots in a gentle arch to draw on the ideal shape of the eyebrow that you want to achieve. This will give you a guideline to go by when applying the wax. You should aim for a smooth arched brow that tapers slightly at the outer ends.

2) Applying the Wax
TIP:-Apply petroleum jelly (like vasoline) to the brow hair that you want to keep. This will prevent the wax from attaching to hair that you want to keep. It's kind of a safety measure to ensure you don't over wax.
Read instructions & follow for each individual wax/kit.

3) Removing the Hair
Never wax above the eyebrow, only ever shape from below. Waxing from under the brow will widen your eyes and help to get the line even. This will make you look younger and much more glamorous if done correctly! As soon as it is applied remove the wax against the hair growth, (i.e. in the opposite direction that the hair grows in). This is done by gently smoothing the strip over the waxed area, pulling the skin taut with one hand, and pulling the strip off with the other.

4) The Aftermath

Any straggly hairs left over after waxing can be easily plucked out using a set of good tweezers. Apply a soothing balm like tea tree oil onto the area afterwards. You should avoid direct sunlight, acid based facial treatments, and liquid makeup for several hours. You can gauge how sensitive your skin is if the redness disappears quickly you will probably be ok to apply eye make up that evening.
To give the gorgeous new eyebrow shape emphasis, use a tinted brow shadow to subtly fill in any gaps, and even out the natural color tone. Don't worry if you make mistakes, even if you have bald patches or empty spaces. Practice makes perfect, and anyway, the hair will have grown back before you know it!!

Ann (54)
How to fill in fair or thin eyebrows; a problem with which many more mature women will identify.

Filling in Thin Brows:

. Mark the beginning and end of the eyebrow using a white pencil.
. A powder brush and suitable powder colour are required. Powder creates both volume and colour. Volume not just colour are needed to emphasis sparse eyebrows.
. A rule of thumb for brow colour is for dark haired people to go one or two shades lighter and for light haired people to go one or two shades darker.
. Stick with thinner shapes as they will look more natural.
. Gently build up the colour through the eyebrow and blend in gently. Using a brush instead of a pencil gives a softer finish without harsh lines.

Remember practice makes perfect!

There are some great new eyebrow kits out there.
Suzanne will try "Too faced" Eyebrow kit available in House of Fraser €31.00

Products used
Moom wax Strips with Chamomile and lavender. Available in Clery's, Nourish Health Stores and Fresh supermarkets. €14.75

Vaseline available nationwide

"Brow Envy" brow kit by Too Faced available in House of Fraser €31.00

The Body Shop brow kit available in two shades -Auburn and dark brown €16.25

Stila eyebrow set available in department stores nationwide €14.50

"Kiss" Brow tinting kit available in pharmacies nationwide €9.95

White eyeliner The Body Shop €11.95

Eyebrow brush The Body Shop €14.00


Brow hair is easier to manage if you start with it wet.

Ideally tweeze your brows after a shower or bath the skin is softer and the hair easier to manage. This also helps to lessen the pain factor. Also Bonjela or No Scream Cream applied to the brows will lessen the slight pain factor.

Eyebrows should start before the eye (nose side) and not after and should end after the outer end of the eye. Do pluck stray hairs in-between the brows above the nose area. It is o.k to pluck stray hairs above the brows if needs be.

Ideally try and pluck your brows with plenty of good daylight sitting in front of a mirror with a magnified hand mirror handy. This gives you a clear view and the hand mirror will make sure you pick up those hard to see hairs.

Always tweeze both eyebrows simultaneously taking a few hairs off each brow at a time. Plucking one at a time makes it really difficult to match the eyebrow shapes.

No two eyebrows are ever identical; so don't even attempt to get them the same as over plucking will occur. Eyebrows are more like sisters than twins!

Place the tip of your slanted tweezers as close to the skin as possible tweezing from the root and pull in the direction of the hair growth. This will ensure total removal of the hair without snapping it.

Good quality tools are essential to achieve a professional finish.

Ideally get your eyebrows professionally done, even if this is only once a year. This will give you the guide shape to maintain.

If it's your first time to have your eyebrows professional done ask around and try somewhere that is recommended to you.

Once you have the brows you love, tend to them on a daily basis, it's a lot easier to tweeze one or two stray hairs every day tan a bunch at the end of the week.

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