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Fringe Benefits

Monday, 12 November 2007

How to wear a fringe to suit your face..or should you have a fringe at all? To fringe or not to fringe-that is the question!

Fringes have come and gone over the years, one minute they're seriously trendy, the next they're hideously not! This year, the fringe has seen a huge revival, thick and blunt cut. In October, style icon Kate Moss changed her hair to have a fringe signalling that the trend is here to stay for 2008.

Gary Kavanagh maintains that Joan Collins is the best example of a more mature lady showing off a fringe to its best.
Having worked with "Girls Aloud" in the past, Gary says that Sarah Harding's severe fringe was a mistake!

Here are some tips for and against fringes:
1. Be careful when deciding on a fringe as it is a commitment, and if you don't like it , a fringe will take up to a year to grow out completely, depending on your hairstyle.

2. Hairline is an important consideration, if you have the classic "widow's peak",  is square shaped , a fringe will exaggerate the shape , creating a "box"

3. Very small face shapes generally are not suitable for a fringe.

4. If you have problem skin on the forehead, such as acne, it is best to avoid hair on the forehead as the natural oils in the hair can aggravate the condition.
On a positive note a fringe can make you look 10 years younger if combined with the right style.

Ideal face shapes are
. Long face will be "shortened" by a fringe.
. Round face will look more oval shaped with a slightly asymmetrical fringe.

Things to be aware of!
Fringes should be cut to sit on the eyebrows, so they will need very regular trimming Keep your fringe freshly washed at all times , nothing looks worse than greasy looking fringe .
If you have a. . .

Square face
Your fringe options: Most hair types, except curly, will be able to take a fringe that touches the eyebrows and which is longer and layered at the sides. But if your hair's thick or frizzy, layer the fringe throughout to thin it out. Look at the way Victoria Beckham does a great job of disguising her square jaw: she simply sweeps fine pieces of hair just over her forehead and eyes.

Oval Face
Fringe options: If you have thick hair, you could go for a sexy short fringe or one that's long and blunt. For fine hair, a long wispy fringe is for you.

Heart Shaped Face
Fringe options: A shorter, wispy fringe is low-key but will look gorgeous, especially if your hair is quite thick. A blunt fringe is really dramatic and will work well on all hair.

Round Shaped Face

Fringe options: Don't go near a short blunt fringe - it will only emphasise a round face. On the other hand, a long wispy fringe will look great and suit fine hair. And if your hair is thicker, a longer fringe that you can sweep to the side will lengthen your face.

Long Shaped Face
Fringe options: Unfortunately in the fringe area it's not a case of anything goes for you.Disguise a long forehead with a thick blunt-cut fringe - you'll be surprised how feminine it makes you look. Steer clear of a fringe if you have a small forehead - it will just emphasise the length of the rest of your face.

Still unsure?
Call into a wig boutique and try a wig. It won't look great, but will give you an idea. If your hair is shoulder length, brush hair into pony tail on top of you head and comb the end of the tail into a "fringe ".

A professional hairdresser will be able to tell you whether a fringe will suit you or not.