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Wine Of The Day 7th November 2007

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Our wine of the day is chosen to compliment our dish of the day.

Tesco Fleurie - Beaujolais Cru 

:  Tesco Fleurie - Beaujolais Cru  -pronunciation Beaujolais [BOE-zjoh-lay]
Price: €12.69
Available - Tesco Ireland
Grape - Beaujolais
Region - Located South of Burgundy proper, between Mâcon and Lyon, Beaujolais is a prosperous region.

Wine Info -
. Fleurie is always one of the most seductive of the Beaujolais crus, this smooth delicious drinking wine has delicate floral aromas and soft red fruit flavours.

. Beaujolais is the young, refreshing, and fruity wine that has been so popular in the French cafes. Traditionally served from a 1.2 gallon jug, it is a carafe wine or as the French would say in Lyon, a "bouchons" wine.

. History: Vaucher Pére et Fils is one of the most well established négociants in the Burgundy region. As well as working closely with small producers, they also create their own excellent quality wines, which truly reflect the characteristics of the region.

. Winemaking details: The grapes are hand-picked, and traditionally vinified using carbonic maceration (fermentation without pressing of the grapes) to extract maximum colour and aromas.

. Regional info: Like the other Beaujolais crus, Fleurie is harvested on the granite soil of Upper Beaujolais, on the border of the Macon area. The Fleurie appellation represents about 900 hectares. Some say that Fleurie is the most elegant of all Beaujolais wines.

. This wine is perfect for Eamonn's dish because it is a seasonal wine always sold in November and its light freshness is perfect with the warmth and full flavours of his Warm salad of autumn leaves with Margaret McDonnells organic chicken, grilled celeriac, Cashel Blue and chestnut dressing whilst not over powering them.

"Drink only in moderation: the Afternoon Show and its producers advocate a balanced and responsible attitude to alcohol"