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Friday, 2 November 2007

It's Friday, which means Michael Doherty is on the couch and he's movie mad!


Courtesy: Universal Pictures
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush
Director: Shekhar Kapur

Verdict: Nine years after first making her mark when she played The Virgin Queen, Cate Blanchett gets back into regal costume. This story focuses on the part of Elizabeth's reign when she was fascinated by Walter Raleigh (Owen) and determined to resist the Spanish design on her throne. Though creaky at times, the film looks sumptuous and the acting, including Samantha Morton as Queen Mary, is exemplary, notably the excellent Blanchett.


Courtesy: Eclipse Pictures
Starring: Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Grave, Daisy Donovan
Director: Frank Oz

Verdict: This black British comedy has the simplest of premises - it's the story of a family funeral in which anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This type of farce is uneven by definition but there are some decent gags (mostly slapstick) and the strong cast also includes the likes of Jane Asher, Peter Vaughan and Keeley Hawes.

Courtesy: Sony Pictures
Starring: Will Arnett, Malin Akerma
Director: Bob Odenkirk

Verdict: Lame comedy from the Saturday Night Live stable in which a pair of bungling brothers endeavor to find a surrogate mother in order for their comatose father to have a grandchild. Basically a laugh-free zone, the only item of interest here is the presence of Lee Majors.


Showing at the Irish Film Institute

Director: David Sington

Verdict: Marvelous, award-winning documentary in which the director sets out to interview that small band of men to have set foot on the moon. It's a sterling challenge and though Neil Armstrong (as usual) refuses to play ball, the thoughts of Buzz Aldin and co. to their momentous achievement is never less than fascinating.


Untitled J.J. Abrams Project (2008)
(Formerly Cloverfield)

Penned for a February Release

The first trailer for this movie played before Transformers (2007). It showed a blurry camera seeing destruction wreaked on New York City, with the 401 Broadway Building blowing up and the severed head of the Statue of Liberty falling onto the streets. There was no title.

A person can be seen wearing a Slusho t-shirt in the movie trailer. It's visible when he leans toward the camera to ask if anything can be seen from the roof after watching the news broadcast. Slusho is a drink from J.J. Abrams' show "Alias" (2001) as well as this film's codename. Slusho is also a Japanese drink.
Filming in Los Angeles was done under the fake production title "Slusho", while shooting in New York (in 33 days until August 8, 2007) was done under the fake production title "Cheese".    (Source imdb)