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Man Friday, Roysh!

Friday, 2 November 2007

We are scrumming down with one of Irelands best selling writer's today

Our Man Friday is a South Dublin Institution whose satirical look at Dublin rugby culture has made him a best selling author and budding playwright. Today, our Man Friday is Paul Howard!

About Paul
Paul Howard is 36 years old and began his writing career at 17, composing captions for the famous postcard company, John Hinde.

In 1989 He joined The Sunday Tribune and has written on a wide variety of topics, including crime, politics and sport.

In 1998, he was named Sports Journalist of the Year at the Irish Media Awards for an interview with sprinter Ben Johnson and an investigation into the prevalence of eating disorders among sportspeople.

He was shortlisted for the award again in 2002, 2003 and 2004. In addition to the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly series, he has written five books - ghost-written autobiographies of boxer Steve Collins and broadcaster George Hook AND written a prison expose called The Joy, an account of six IRA kidnappings in the 1970s and 1980s called Hostage.

He also wrote a book that traced the fault-line in the relationship between Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy called The Gaffers.

He supports Liverpool FC and has a nerdish interest in Star Wars, with a collection of memorabilia that takes up an entire room in his home!

About the Play - The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger
Directed by Jimmy Faye who recently did the Playboy of the Western World
Starring Lisa Lamb

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly is best described as a sportsman, raconteur, bon voyeur and lover of women, though he's more often described as a self-obsessed rugby jock with nothing between his ears and even less between his legs. Still, with a face of a Greek god and the body of a Calvin Klein underwear model, who cares?

An outstanding teenage rugby talent, he could have been where Ronan O'Gara is today had he not given up the game to concentrate on his two great loves - spending his old man's money and bringing happiness into the lives of young females. He could literally have any woman in the world he wants and is currently testing that theory. He'll get around to you eventually!!!

In the play Ross is actually penniless as he has had to pay taxes that his father never paid. His mother is writing a Chick Lit book which is killing him!!! And to top it all off his marriage is falling apart - probably due to his wondering eyes and hands.. things can only get better or worse!!?????

Ross the Beginning
Paul Howard was a sports writer with the Sunday Tribune until 2005, when he decided to concentrate on his fiction writing. While covering a schools rugby match in Donnybrook for the paper, he was inspired to write a short satirical piece on South Dublin rugby culture, and so Ross was born. He has subsequently written seven books. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightdress sold almost 67,000 copies in 2005 and Should Have Got off at Sydney Parade was the single biggest-selling novel in Ireland in 2006 and won the 2007 Irish Book Award for Best Popular Fiction title. The Ross Guide to South Dublin (How to Get by on €10,000 a Day) was published in June 2007 and This Champagne Mojito is the Last Thing I Own will be published in October 2007. The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger is his first stage play.

Landmark Productions is one of Ireland's leading independent production companies, whose work in the last four years has included the Irish premieres of such award-winning plays as Skylight, The Goat and Blackbird. Landmark's previous collaboration with MCD saw Fiona Looney's smash-hit debut play Dandelions enjoy not one, but two, sell-out runs at the Olympia.

About the Book  - This Champagne Mojito is the Last Thing I Own

The number 1 bestselling novelist of 2006 and winner of the 2007 Irish book award for popular fiction is back by popular demand with This Champagne Mojito is the Last Thing I Own

Published by Penguin Ireland on the 8th September at €14.99

'Quite simply, the sharpest writer of fiction in Ireland today' Irish Mail on Sunday
'Hilarious and acerbic - ripe and outrageous material' Irish Times
"Like John Banville - but with riding in it."'Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

I am many things, Roysh - unbelievable babe magnet, red-hot lover, loyal kind of goy - but there's a few things I was basically sure I'd never be, related to a jailbird for storters, or listening to the old dear getting randier than a goat in heat, or even a father, for that matter. It's funny how life decides to throw you a total hospital pass every now and then. Really, like, hilarious. One minute you're the man, a ledge in his own town, every bird in sniffing distance wanting a piece of the action, and the next. . .

Well let's just say if I had gone to Blackrock Morket, Roysh, and paid some crusty old crone to tell my future, and she told me all this, I would have said, 'Sorry, witch features, but what the fock are you banging on about. I'm Ross O'Carroll-Kelly. I am the man, and I always will be. Roysh!'

I would have been wrong, dude. And we are talking totally here.