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Rejuvenating Your Garden Baskets And Containers

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

As our Summer flowers begin to fade Eugene has a guide to the flowers which will give your hanging baskets and containers a boost of much needed life and colour.


Bellis - €3.95 for 6

This plant comes from the daisy and sunflower family. They will continue to flower through the winter and stand up very well to the elements.

Violas - €3.95 for 6
These are more commonly known as violets and are a very colourful plant, they come in blues, yellow, creams and white. Again they are a sturdy plant which are well suited to winter weather.

Pansies - €3.95 for 6
These flowers come in many different colours and survive temperatures that hit freezing at times. They grow very well in partially sunny areas with well draining soil. Most garden pansies bloom within 12 weeks of planting. They usually have a two year life cycle and should be watered once a week.

Ivys - €3.25 each
These are wall and ground climbing evergreen woddy plants which survive the winter excellently. They provide wonderful foliage for your container or basket.

Carex - €9.95 each
These are a long grass style plant which again provide wonderful foliage to your container or basket.

Heather - €3.99 each
Heather is a popular ornamental plant which is very popular in gardens. They vary in flower colour and flower right up until November. In winter the flowers may turn brown but begin to turn a purple as the Spring approaches.


Cone Basket - €8.95
Terracotta Pot - €6 Plastic / €20 Concrete


Organic Compost - €7.95

When Planting
Eugene recommends planting just below the compost and then pouring warm water on the compost to bind it together.

With thanks to Blackbanks Garden Centre for the plants for our set.  Blackbanks Garden Centre - 01 8327047