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Pets - Halloween Pet Safety

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Today we launch our pet strand, and we kick it off by reminding ourselves to think of our pets and their safety at Halloween.

Siobhan O'Malley, Mayo VET

Siobhan has been in practice for 3 yrs and is one of the vets featured on the brand new RTE series 'Vets on Call - (Mayo)'  due for transmission:  Friday 2nd November, RTE One, 8.30pm 

She practices in Crossmolina, Co. Mayo and became a Vet due to her absolute love of Wildlife and Nature.

When she's not up at 4am birthing animals, or wading through muddy fields, Siobhan loves treating herself to Spa treatments and topping up her shoe collection - currently sitting at 150 pairs!
The highs of her job... the wildlife, the animals, her love of nature.. The lows.. The early starts and the mud!


1) Walking your dog - make sure to walk your dog before peak - trick or treating times. The flashing lights and scary costumes may terrify them, never mind the firework noises!

2) Try and keep your dog at home, keep your animals away from the front door, kids sometimes like to tease and torment. In fact keep your pets in their favourite room with the TV or radio on to keep the calm. Have their favourite toys in the room with them.

3) Keep electrical decorations out of sight. Pets, especially cats like to play with chords and this could create a danger. On this, keep Jack O Lanterns out of sight and reach. Wagging tails could easily knock these over.

4) Do not let your animals out trick or treating! Chocolate is toxic to dogs. The better quality (i.e. darker the chocolate) the more toxic it is. Also, while pumpkins are not toxic, a couple of days after hallowe'en, if a pet eats a pumpkin they are bound to have an upset stomach.

5) If your pet is particularly afraid of hallowe'en, there are products on the market that can ease their nerves.

The Happy Hound Pet Hotel, Dingins, Corelesmore, Ballinagh, Co. Cavan
Contact: Paul/Aoife 086 323 5980 or 087 226 7573