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'Crazy For You' - For Books That Is! 

Monday, 22 October 2007

Emma Hetherington a county Tyrone mum of three, who helped raise her five siblings from the age of 15, talks about her debut novel, 'Crazy For You'.

Emma Heatherington, who works as Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council's Public Relations Officer has realised her dream of becoming a published author in the face of great adversity - her teenage years were spent as a surrogate mother to her five younger siblings who ranged from 13 to eight months old.

Emma's love of creative writing came from watching her late mother send off short stories to magazines, and in November of last year she signed a three book publishing deal with Dublin based Dodder Books. Her book is dedicated to her mother Geraldine who died suddenly in 1991.

She says:

"My mother died aged just 36 and I have wonderful memories of the stories she would write and then read to us as children. She was a lively, talented, wonderful person whose creativity has lived on through us all. My mum's dream was to see her work in print but since she didn't live to see that happen, I'm delighted to be able to carry on her legacy by seeing my work in bookshops across the country today."

Crazy For You is a romantic comedy set in Belfast and Donegal. It tells the story of Daisy Anderson, a 26year old city girl whose life takes a turn in reverse when a strange request from an old friend takes her back to the small Donegal fishing village she grew up in. Here, Daisy finds herself amongst all the reasons she ran away from her old life in the first place along with the pending marriage of her childhood sweetheart and her mother's strange obsession with Madonna!

Marisa Mackle of Dodder Books says:

"Emma is a rare new talent on the Irish literary scene and is a star in the making."

Crazy For You is now available at all good bookstores across Ireland.

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