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Eugene's Beginners Guide To Topiary

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Eugene is here to show us that anyone can try topiary. He has a beginners guide showing you that you don't need to be too artistic to try some basic trims such as a cone or box shape. He is also going to be us how to make your own topiary template out of some leftover garden junk.

Where does Topiary come from?

The Latin word for a landscaper gardener is Topiarus which is where the word Topiary comes from. This is an art form that has been about for 2000 years. Wealthy Romans loved this art form and brought topiary to England. When they left its popularity died off however it experienced a rejuvenation in Italy the16th and 17th centuries. During Elizabethan times in this part of the world it was revived and then again during Victorian times,

Tips for doing Topiary
. Most topiaries need a monthly (March -October) fertilizing and a trim to maintain shape.

. Make sure to buy a good secateurs for precise pruning and shaping

. Plants can be started which are 2 to 3 years old.

. Shaping can be done mostly during the growing season

What plants are suitable for Topiary?
There are many plants suitable for Topiary, These include the Buxus (Box) plant, Taxus (Irish Yew) and Holly.

Can you make your own Topiary template?
Eugene will also be showing us how to create our own Topiary templates from some garden leftovers.  To make your own Topiary  cone template you will need,

. 3 bamboo canes
. Large piece of string

To make the template, form the three canes into a tri - pod formation and place over the plant. You then place some string between the bamboo canes and use the canes as a guide and you snip the bush into a cone formation.

Eugene suggests some plants which are suitable for topiary. These are,

. Holly  - €7.95
. Buxus - €5.45
. Prevet - €6.95
. Ivy - Large €35 / Small €4.95
. Pittosporum €12.95
. Topiary Spiral Frame - €19.95

With thanks to Kellys nursery for today's Topiary,

With thanks to Blackbanks garden centre for the set. Blackbanks Garden Centre - 01 8327047