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Gardening - Our Good Cause Garden Makeover Revisited!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

On the 17th of May we opened our Good Cause Garden at Carrigoran House in Co. Clare. Today Eugene is revisiting it to see how the garden got on through the bleak summer.


Due to the bleak and recent warm weather the lavender has grown very well at Carrigoran House so Eugene will be showing how to clip lavender because when it grows too wild Lavender can look very woody.                                     
Lavender - €7.95

The roses in the garden have developed blackspot so Eugene will be showing us ways to combat this. Eugene recommends pulling off the leaves which have blackspot rather then using chemicals on them,

The green roof at Carrigoran House hadn't grown as well as expected so Eugene planted Sedums and Phlox to make it look a little better.                                
Phlox - €3.95

The patio stones at Carrigoran House had raised slightly due to the fact that sand hasn't been brushed in between them regularly. This is dangerous as it is a trip hazard so Eugene fixed it.
Brushing In Sand - €3.95

The Geraniums at Carrigoran House are ready to be brought inside so Eugene will be showing us how you know when geraniums should be brought back inside. Eugene thinks that too many people put geraniums in a dark shed through the winter when in fact they should be in a greenhouse, a well lit garden shed or a warm room in your house.


Thursday 11th October is national tree day.  On this day Primary school students from all over Ireland are going to learn more about trees by partaking in walks organized by government bodies such as Coillte. With this in mind Eugene has suggested three trees which can be grown in your back garden.

Acaccia Dealbata - €19.99 - Any back garden                                                 

Sophora- Range between €40 and €100  - Bigger back garden                                                       

Sorbus Mountain Ash - €39 - Small back gardens

With thanks to Blackbanks garden centre for the set. Blackbanks Garden Centre - 01 8327047


Eugene has the latest from our Good Cause Garden