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Autumn Winter Make-Up with Kate Conkey

Monday, 17 September 2007

The fabulous Kate Conkey is back and she's showing us how to get that silver screen starlet look straight from the 1940's.

We're trying out the hot make-up looks of the season and the biggest trend to hit the cat walk and the side walk is the 1940's look... so no matter what your age we've got the tips, the tools and the know-how to make you feel like a goddess from the silver screen in no time.

It's all about 1940's this season, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and D&G all opted for the red-lipped, pale skinned and wavy haired look for their cat walk shows and inevitably this has moved on to the side walk too. So today we have Kate Conkey in studio to show us how to get this new look just right making you into the goddess that you truly are whether you remember the 1940's or not.

Kate Conkey - Making Magic Happen

Kate talks about 1940's make-up coming back into fashion and talk about how glamorous it is and how it can be achieved for anyone whether you remember the 1940's or not!!

Key features to get the 1940s look

. Groomed, shaped, medium to heavy brows
. Red lips of various shades, anything from warm poppy to deep crimson
. Matte, clean skin, mostly matte textures (most true to period)
. Lush, full lashes

Younger model:
Focus Matte Skin, lashes & eyebrows

Younger, more adventurous types can wear the sultry, dramatic 40's look as seen at Dior, Valentino, and Gucci.  Brows can be created with strength and conviction, utilizing both brow pencil and shadow for a full, arched, pointed shape.  Consider using matte brown tones and strip false lashes on the eyes for dramatic impact.  Of course, the look is not complete without black liquid liner applied with controlled precision. 

For a modern take on the red lip, skip the lip liner and apply lipstick directly from the tube.  Next, blend the edges with a cotton bud for a just kissed effect.  Experiment with tangerine, electric rose, and merlot.  Pale, matte skin will compliment this look perfectly.  For a daytime look, consider a light powder foundation instead of a liquid and use a sturdy concealer to hide blemishes and discoloring. 

Products to be used
Foundation - Max Factor Infinity Compact - €14.49 - Chemists Nationwide
Eye Liner - Shiseido liquid pen - €30.00 - Chemists Nationwide (if time)
Eyebrow - Chanel Compact - €51.00 - Department Stores Nationwide
Mascara - Max Factor Max Masterpiece - €13.99 - Chemists Nationwide
Lashes - Mac 1/2 set false lashes - Brown Thomas (part of new collection that is not out until the first week in October)

Older Model:
Focus lips and brow

A polished brow can shave at least 4 years off the face.  The definition adds youth.  Vibrant lips are glamorous and elegant, always timeless.  Using a semi bright or midtone shade rather than a ultra vampy red and plum will look most flattering. Use a pencil to re-define lip line and a lipbrush for the most precise application.  Avoid ultra matte or heavy foundation, opting instead for satin finish. 

Too much powder or powder foundation is a no-no as well.  For a lifted lash effect, curl lashes and apply mascara to the upper lashes only, skipping the bottom lashes entirely.

Products to be used
Eyebrow - Chanel Compact 51.00 - Department Stores Nationwide
Lip liner - MAC spice  - Brown Thomas
Lipstick - Click4makeup 10.95 **
Mac Matte - €21.00 - Brown Thomas

Any age group will benefit from a mattifying product like MAC matte to perfect the skin and de-grease the t-zone.  Kate prefers to pat in the product as the final finish.  It keeps skin fresh for hours.

Product Details
Max Factor Infinity Compact - €14.49 - Chemists Nationwide
Shiseido Liquid Pen - €30.00 - Chemists Nationwide
Chanel Compact - €51.00 - Department Stores Nationwide
Max Factor Max Masterpiece - €13.99 - Chemists Nationwide
Mac 1/2 set False Lashes - €11.50 - Brown Thomas

Chanel Compact - €51.00 - Department Stores Nationwide
MAC spice lip liner - €14.50  - Brown Thomas
Red Lipstick - €10.95 -
Mac Matte - €21.00 - Brown Thomas