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Giving Your Garden A 30 Minute Makeover

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Landscaping legend Eugene Higgins is here to show you what you can do if you have 30 minutes free in the garden this week.

Five Things You Can Do In Your Garden In Just 30 Minutes

Dead head your flowers to prolong the flowering season. Dead heading means to take off anything that is rotting.
Time taken in real time: 4 minutes

Start collecting leaves in the garden that are not wet yet. Put them in bags to make compost for next year. This is much easier than using wet ones. TIP here: Use a plastic rake rather than a steel one (the fan type). They do less damage when using in between plants and are ideal for raking leaves.
Price of Plastic Rake: €13.95 and it's widely available.
Time taken in real time: 7 minutes

Turn over your flowerbeds. Just the top soil. If you keep digging you can break the weed cycle and stop them establishing deep roots, and then hoe for 5 minutes every week during the growing season.
Time taken in real time: 8 minutes

Plant something (just one thing) that will flower in the autumn
Time taken in real time: 2 minutes

Give your lawn an autumn feed as this strengthens it for next year. Note that you will not notice the difference at all this year. It'll be next year by the time you see the results.
2 choices of feed
Time taken in real time: 9 minutes

Total time taken: 30 minutes

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With thanks to Blackbanks Garden Centre for supply of our 'garden' set.