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Irelands Climate Change Ambassador - Lesley Butler

Monday, 3 September 2007


We'll be speaking to a lady who has appeared on a New York billboard in a bikini! All in for the sake of raising awareness of climate change.

About Lesley
Lesley is from Mullingar and is Ireland's first Climate Change Ambassador after she won the Ben and Jerry's Competition for a scholarship to their Climate Change College, which is run by Ben and Jerry's in association with the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) and polar explorer Marc Cornelissen.  It's an intensive 6 month programme, curated by Marc Cornelissen, educating its ambassadors on how to become active and successful environmental campaigners. She studied Geography and English in UCD and then a Masters in Sustainable Development in DIT Bolton street where her love for the environment began.

Climate Change
After the summer of endless rain and flash floods, climate change is undeniable. Lesley Butler (23) is Ireland's first Climate Change Ambassador, having won the Irish Ben and Jerry's scholarship to their Climate Change College, ending up in her bikini in the Arctic, and appearing on a billboard in Time Square!

The Arctic is refreezing less and less over each year and according to experts is set to disappear by 2050 meaning the disappearance of the polar bear and a serious effect been placed on other polar animals and cultures.

The 10 hottest summers have been recorded in the last ten years, and this is resulting in a change in weather patterns.

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