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Garden Bugs With Eugene Higgins

Thursday, 24 May 2007


Landscaping legend Eugene Higgins will be telling us which bugs are beneficial and which are detrimental to your garden.

3 Lovable Bugs

Lacewings: these lads are great for feeding on greenflies and other similar bugs in the garden that we want to rid of. Planting rosemary, geraniums and lavenders will encourage these insects to live and thrive in your garden. (This is also the same for encouraging ladybirds and bumble-bees below)
Rosemary €6.45 Geraniums: €4.95 Lavenders €8.95

. Ladybirds:  these guys are garden heroes and can smell out aphids, and tend to like living among nettles. One way to encourage the ladybirds into the garden is by having a ladybird box where they can live. There has been much debate as to whether or not this works but Eugene is keen that we give it a go.  The box should be positioned in the garden next to greenfly infected plants.  It will attract the ladybirds that will gobble the greenflies. These are available in garden centres nationwide.
Ladybird Box €15.95

. Bumble-bees: pollinating fruit plants and crops all over the world, these buzzing friends are the super heroes of the garden. The house for them is generally used as a home during the winter but it is always worth a try to place it in the garden and see if it will come to stay.
Bumblebee Box €25.95

3 Baddies

. Slugs: We want to be rid of these slimy creatures as they will eat all the plants in the garden. One way that Eugene encourages us to rid of these plants is to go out at night with a torch, bucket and pair of gloves. Put each slug into a bucket, and drop them down to the local park, where you will be returning them to the chain of nature and they will be fed upon by the birds.
Slug Attack: which provides a physical Barrier around plants ,children and pet friendly. €3.86
Organic Slug Defence Gel: €6.21
Available from many garden centres nationwide

. Red spider: Spiderman's evil garden cousin tends to show up indoors and can do major damage. Sometimes by moving the plant outdoors in the summer, the colder conditions can send him off or kill him. Alternatively the following products below are insects you can buy and bring in to eat these insects.
Phytoseiulus predators  by Koppert which are approximately €25

. Aphids:  There are over 500 species of blackfly and greenfly are the best known. They love draining sap from flowers and leaves.  There are tonnes of chemicals to rid you of these lads. Soapy water can help if the infestation is not too bad. Alternatively, we should use and organic solution so as not to harm the friends of the garden. New Horizon organic garlic barrier €7.95 is new solution that has been very successful. If it is applied from the start of the season, the fragrance emitted moves on the little bugs. There are also yellow sticky traps which you can use. They are widely available.
New Horizon organic garlic barrier €7.95
Yellow Sticky Traps €6.15 for a pack of 5

Animal Boxes - Widely available from many retailers around the country
for a list of stockists in your area, call Peckers on 01 201 99 81

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Eugene has more great gardening tips.