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Global Wine Tour - Spain & Italy

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Chris has a Mediterranean inspired Tuesday Tipple.

In recent years the wine industry has really kicked off in Ireland and the wide variety out there can sometimes leave you confused. We are bringing our viewers on a global wine tour every Tuesday in the month of May where we will visit different wine producing regions and try to teach you how to make an informed decision the next time you fancy some wine with your dinner!

Chris Hill - Wine Connoisseur
About Chris 
Chris Grew up around Dun Laoghaire but went to College in England for two years. After college he worked in bars for a few years where a fledgling wine interest developed. His Wine interest developed further while overseas in Europe, N.Z and Australia. He returned to Ireland in 1998 and did the W.S.E.T Certificate wine course. Followed by three more years study that saw the completion of the Diploma. During the study period he worked first with Findlaters Wine Merchants, then with McCabes and has been working with James Nicholson Wine Merchant for six and a half years now. Has been In the business for 8 years.

Chris really loves the wine industry and plans to stay in it into the future. He sees people drinking better quality, more diverse and interesting wines as their knowledge of wine develops.Chris enjoys travelling around the wine producing areas of the world visiting wineries and vineyards, meeting the passionate winemakers and sampling their way of life.Chris will have two bottles in studio one opened and ready to taste and one for display. We want to get right into the wine tasting so at the beginning of the item he can chat a bit about Spain & Italy as wine producing region and the defining characteristics of that region. Then we can go straight into the tasting and the first wine he will explain the tastes, aromas and colours of each wine while the presenters are sampling and discussing the abundance of tastes they are feeling.

We want to get as many tips in for the viewers as possible as to the defining characteristics of each wine, what to look out for when buying a certain wine, how to tell if it is good quality, how to store it correctly, we want the presenters to be as graphic as possible about what they are tasting in order to get the viewers involved as much as possible.

It's Week two and we're off to "the old world" featuring Italy and Spain.

What are the main differences in labelling in the Old World?
. Regularly there is no grape variety on the labels
. Region and producer is important here as the quality varies a lot.

Top tips for wines from Spain
Is Spain a red or white producer?
. Mainly a red producing country

What are the main styles of wines made there?
. Very diverse styles
. Tempranillo (grape of Rioja) and Garnacha main grapes
. Some good whites to look out for from Rias Baixas (Galicia)
. Also produce sparkling Cava and Sherry
. What are the main regions to look out for?
. Look out for wines from Navarra, Ribero del Duero

Top tips for wines from Italy
Is Italy a red or white producer?

. Produces both red and white

What are the main Italian grapes used in Italy?
. Chianti, Valpolicella, Barolo - Pinot Grigio, Verdicchio, Gavi
Many other grape varieties

Does the wine vary much from Northern to Southern Italy?
. Climate is hot in the south, better for reds, north good for red and white

Where is the main quality producing area in Italy?
. Around Tuscany and Veneto is area of most quality concentrations


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 "Drink only in moderation: the Afternoon Show and its producers advocate a balanced and responsible attitude to alcohol"