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Skincare In The Sun With Kate Conkey

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Skin care expert Kate has some useful hints and tips on how to stay burn free this summer.

Kate Conkey
Kate Conkey is recognized as one of Ireland's foremost make-up artists with a portfolio that encompasses almost a decade of editorial, commercial and private work in Europe and the United States.She has trained with some of the world's most influential make-up artists including Laura Mercier and Louise Constad, and has worked for international cosmetics house, Christian Dior.

How to prepare your skin for going away
Kate Recommends:
. Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Face SPF 15 €11.19 (for a tanned skin with broad spectrum protection)
. Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine body moisturizer €9.49 (so you do not go away white)
Kate's top tip: Exfoliate face and body with baking soda mixed into cleanser (cheap and cheerful solution)

How to protect your skin while you're away (both on your face and body)
Kate recommends:

. Dr. Haushka SPF 15 €16.95 and SPF 20 €19.38 (for sensitive skins),
. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation SPF 15 €14.49 (if choosing to wear makeup)

Types of products to use under makeup as sunscreens and that sit well when sweating profusely!
Kate recommends:

. MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 €29.00

Aftercare of sun-drenched skin-how to re nourish your skin. Kate recommends:
. Boots Skin Kindly Firming Bust & Body Lotion (price to be confirmed, bargain product)
. Sundari Body Lotion  €30.00

Sunscreen Q & A:

At what point in your skin care routine should you apply sunscreen? If you are applying several skin-care products the rule is that the last item you apply during the day is your sunscreen. If you apply sunscreen and then apply your moisturizer or an acne product, you could be inadvertently diluting or breaking down the effectiveness of the sunscreen you've just applied.

What about applying foundation (one that doesn't contain sunscreen) over your sunscreen? If the foundation is a thin, watery type foundation or you're using a tinted, lotion type moisturizer (that doesn't contain sunscreen) you would in all likelihood be reducing the potency of the sunscreen underneath. However, if you are applying a standard liquid foundation, a cream to powder foundation, a cream foundation, or a pressed powder foundation, and as long as you are smoothing it over the skin and not over-rubbing it, there is minimal to no risk that you are affecting the sunscreen underneath.

What if your foundation is the product you've chosen for sun protection? The trick is to be sure you apply it evenly and liberally. If you blend most of it off or apply only a thin layer, you will not get the amount of protection listed on the label. Also, don't forget to apply regular sunscreen (not foundation) to your neck and other exposed areas such as your décolleté or hands.

Can I just wear a powder with an SPF rating? Pressed powders with sunscreen are an iffy way to get complete sun protection for the face, but they are a great way to touch up your makeup during the day and reapply sunscreen at the same time! I worry that most women don't apply enough pressed powder to get the SPF protection they need. If you lightly dust the powder over the skin there is no way you will get the SPF protection indicated on the label. You must apply the pressed powder in a manner that completely and evenly covers the face

Sunscreens for Oily Skin
The search for a sunscreen that is appropriate for oily skin can be frustrating. The type of ingredients that can be used to suspend sunscreen ingredients are not exactly the best for oily skin. The sunscreen ingredients themselves can also cause either an irritated breakout reaction or titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can clog pores.

What to do?
The only true answer is to experiment. I wish there was a slam-dunk solution I can offer, but neither my line nor anyone else's can legitimately make the claim that their sunscreen won't cause breakouts for anyone

For More Information
. Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Face SPF 15 €11.19 -pharmacies nationwide
. Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine body moisturizer €9.49 -pharmacies nationwide
. Dr. Haushka SPF 15 €16.95 and SPF 20 €19.38 -all good health food stores
. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation SPF 15 €14.49 -pharmacies nationwide
. MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 €29.00 -Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork, Galway
. Skin Kindly Firming Bust & Body Lotion (price to be confirmed, bargain product)- all Boots chemists nationwide
. Sundari Body Lotion €30.00 available exclusively at Mandala Spa Dublin