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How to Have a Champagne Wedding on A Bucks Fizz Budget - Author Sarah Traynor

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Author Sarah Traynor has hints and tips on how you can cut costs but not corners on your wedding budget.

About The Author
Sarah Traynor is a freelance journalist who got married in 2004.  She tried on a €1,600 wedding dress in Dublin then bought it online direct from the supplier in America for €499 dollars!  She began writing this book when on maternity leave and has been garnering support and ideas for it from various wedding discussion boards on the internet.  Like many others, she was long since home from her wedding and realised they were still paying off bills associated with their happy day. That was the catalyst to prompt her to write this book to help others through the maze of planning the big day.

Top Five Wedding savings tips
Good Research

By researching the size, time of year and location of the wedding, you can yield amazing savings!
Plan well in advance
You can shave hundreds, even thousands, from the end bill in a few simple but clever moves . well negotiated package from your venue, disc only photo packages, a carefully chosen menu, stylish well sourced car, a smaller bridal party, high street cake
Plan you own extras
Atmospheric music at the ceremony or a song book for guests to join in, beautiful poetry, a themed party. affordable if not free ways to make your day even more special, to stand out from the others!
Avoid False Economies
Choosing a venue is a major decision and it is about more than price per head so don't base your decision on cost alone,  it is about service, standards and that special something.
Shop Online
There are fantastic savings to be found online. And remember for peace of mind when buying online email and speak to the owner of the site, check returns policies, feedback and recommendations. Look out for verification certificates (e.g.:  for US shops). Visit regarding payment and to know your rights when buying online. Remember too that if you can't find what you want online look out for 'once worn' or sample dresses/accessories because these can be of exceptional quality (and guaranteed genuine designers) at hugely marked-down prices

For More Information
How To Have A Champagne Wedding on a Buck's Fizz Budget is published by Gill and Macmillan and costs €14.99.

Top 3 Wedding Websites
Launched in conjunction with and to complement the book this customer focused website provides budget focused articles, the latest sale and bargain news and links, customer recommendations of services and a dedicated 'Green Weddings' section and an 'ideas factory' where you can chat through ideas with other Smart Brides!
This busy discussion board has developed a reputation for civilised and informed discussion of financial topics in a sponsorship-free and advertising-free environment.
Irish site for interesting articles and planning tools. Although more commercial with a lot of advertisers charging high prices, the listings are helpful for sourcing services.