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Angel In Disguise - Author Victoria Mary Clarke

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Joining us today is the author that everyone is currently talking about, Victoria Mary Clarke.

Victoria had reached the depths of despair and depression and did not know why she was not living the life of a celebrity with piles of cash.  How had she ended up in a crummy bed-sit with thoughts of ending it all? But then she asked the angels a question and the answer was to change her life.

About The Author
Victoria Mary Clarke

Victoria Mary Clarke spent her childhood in West Cork with hippy parents, no running water and no TV.  At 18 she moved to London, fell in love with Shane McGowan and into a life of debauchery.  After years of the rock'n'roll lifestyle, she found herself living alone in Dublin.  Between breakdowns, she developed a career in journalism and wrote the best selling book, 'A Drink with Shane McGowan'.  She also began to communicate with angels.  She currently writes for the Sunday Independent, Paris Vogue and Pure Living Magazine and also gives workshops on getting the angels to work for you.

She feels she believed in angels all her life but, it was only when she was facing despair and feeling alone that she decided to try and channel them.  Since she asked them for help, their presence and guidance has been constant.

They only really give help in matters that are completely of the heart and that you really desire - it's not just daydreams such as ''I'd like a silver mercedes''.In terms of her own life relections from the book, the roughest period, she says, was when she was going into the priory clinic and thinking about death on a regular basis and taking her own life.

It is a theme in the book that she was obsessed by celebrity and to a degree, she is now becoming a celeb but still through her association with others.  And, though she is firm friends with people such as Bono and Kate Moss, there is also a part of her that still revels in being seen with them.  But, she says it comes from being bullied as a child in that you want to you former detractors to see you like this, with a fabulous life.  Johnny Depp admitted the same thing to her - he was fat as a kid and teased and he wanted to be famous to show people how brilliant he could be!!!

In terms of her piece on Pete Doherty, she does say that he knows he has troubles and issues and every time he goes into rehab, he comes out a little more self-aware.  She says that really she has grown to know the real him and not the 'celebrity-him' Despite writing a book such as this, she did not worry about people's reaction to her angel conversations and in fact, it's been 90% positive.

That said, she had to believe in her own beliefs to get this book written as most publishers were against the angel element and just wanted her to write about her rock'n'roll lifestyle. This is the happiest time of her life so far and in a large part that's due to the influence of angels. 

She will be married in September to Shane but no definite date has been set.  Hello and magazines of that sort have expressed an interest but for once she wants the day to be a celebration of her and Shane and not of their celebrity life even if there are a few celebrities at the wedding!

Book Outline
How did a broke, suicidal wannabe celebrity, who could sometimes barely find the will to get out of bed, find belief in a loving higher power? Once she was on her way to stardom. Once she was going to be the next big thing - a tv celebrity, lifestyle guru, rock chick and style icon, all rolled into one. She hung out with famous people. She was going out with Shane MacGowan. She was heading fro celebrity city.

And then, she and Shane separated. Apart from that, she simply could not understand how she was making piles of money from a glittering career, instead of living in a little bedsit she hated, and not opening her bills. She would have ended it all - but for one thing.

For More Information
Angel in Disguise is published by Collins Press and is priced at €12.95.