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Junior Book Club - March

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Today is our March book club. This month's reviewers are from Co Sligo and are members of the Owenmore Gaels under 12 girls football team. The Book club being reviewed is Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson.

As a very popular author of children's books Jacky Daydream is Wilson's much awaited latest release and is available in shops nationwide now.

Katriona McFadden Book Club Chair:
Katriona McFadden has been working as a reporter with RTÉ Radio since 2001.
Most recently she has worked as a roving reporter with The Tubridy Show and from September she will work as a reporter on the new RTÉ Radio 1 weekday drive-time programme. She joined RTÉ Radio after completing a B.A. in Journalism at DCU.  To date she has worked as a researcher and reporter on Five Seven Live and a newspaper reviewer on RTÉ 2fm's The Full Irish.  She has co-produced and co-presented a10 part series on the EU accession countries and her documentary Five Days in Tallinn was broadcast in December 2003.  She also produced and presented the children's radio programme The Funday Show.
In 2002 Katriona spent some time working as a researcher on The Late Late Show.
Katriona hails from Milford in Co Donegal, where her parents Michael and Kathleen continue to live with her brother Nicholas.

Kids Bookclub consists of:
Ellen Conway (10)

The youngest member of this months bookclub Ellen is in 5th class and has one brother James who is 13. Her favourite subjects are maths and English and she loves reading fiction especially Jacqueline Wilson. She lives on a farm that has sheep and 6 donkeys. She is the goalie for the Owenmore Gaels.

Jane Mateland (11)
Jane is also in 5th class and enjoys English but hates maths. She loves reading and adventures are her favourite. She loves Jacqueline Wilson books also. She has 2 brothers, twins Drew and Rory who are 14. She plays basketball and is a forward for Owenmore Gaels.

Niamh Morley (11)
Niamh is in 5th class and her favourite subjects are art and PE. She doesn't like Irish. She enjoys reading Jacqueline Wilson and the Goosebumps series. Her dog recently died so has no pets anymore. She has 2 sisters Ethna, 14 and Siobhan who is 7. She is a forward for the Owenmore Gaels.

Clodagh McKeon (11)
Clodagh is one of 3 girls. Her sisters are Sharon,21 and Emily, 18. Clodagh has 3 cats and adores sports. She plays soccer handball and gaelic to name a few. Her favourite subject is English and she likes reading. She plays midfield for the Owenmore Gaels.

Book being reviewed today on the show:
Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson (ISBN- 9780385610155) €14.99
Really sweet book, about Jacqueline Wilson's childhood, full of pictures of her as a little girl. Brings us from her birth right up to about 10 or 11. She talks about her upbringing then throws in questions along the way like "In which of my books have you heard me mention this before?" It's obvious she's drawn on her own life for many of her popular characters and storylines over the years. e.g. Jacqueline once wet herself on stage when she was nervous, the same thing happened to a character in her book Double Act.  I'd say little girls will be particularly fascinated with the differences growing up then and now. Jacqueline Wilson talks about lack of toys, weekly baths, smacking, cloth nappies, eating sheep's heads etc etc.
A lot of similar themes as well of course - first boyfriend, living with grandparents, love of dolls, imaginary friends, parents fighting.
Really great book for Jacqueline Wilson-diehards because of all the questions throughout relating back to her previous books.
Children's reviews of the book:
Ellen Conway: Loved the book. She thought it was full of really funny anecdotes.. Her favourite part was the chapter about the secret room in the office. She feels that the book is more suited to girls than boys. Her favourite character is Christine who is full of brilliant ideas. She thought the principal of the school was horrible but overall she gave the book 9 out of 10.
Jane Mateland: Jane also thought the book was hilarious and definitely more suited to girls because the author doesn't really talk about girls in the book. The story revolved around Jacky so Jacky was her favourite character. The teacher was her least favourite character was the teacher because 'he used to give them the cane'. Overall she loved the book and gave it 9 out of 10.
Clodagh McKeon: Clodagh thought the language used was great and she loved all the black and white pictures used throughout. She thought the story was very funny and she loved the mother because she was a straight talking character. Another 9 out of 10.
Niamh Morley: Niamh's favourite part of the book was when Jacky made new friends with Eileen and her favourite character is granny Hilda-Ellen and she likes Jacky too. There were no characters that she didn't like and she loved the description of how Jacky got into books and her family. It's a clean sweep another 9 out of 10.

Books For April's bookclub
Books for 9-12 year olds.

Book A : Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke
Book B : Captain Underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people by Dav Pilkey
Book C : Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
Dublin-based Derek Landy's first novel follows the adventures of a skeleton detective and his sidekick Stephanie

How to vote for April's bookclub
You can call 1512 71 70 71 and follow the instructions.
Calls cost 25cent
Or you can text BOOK A, BOOK B or BOOK C to 53555.
Texts cost 25cent.

Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke
Lauren Brooke is well known for her Heartland series, all about girls and ponies. Chestnut Hill is a new series about girls in an upmarket horsey boarding school in Virginia. Think Mallory Towers and St Claires!! Actually one of the main characters in the series is called Mallory. Each book in the series is written from a different character's perspective. In this sixth book in the series, Mallory is invited to try out for a summer riding team but it means competing against her classmates to get in, and riding alongside the boy she fancies, Caleb.

Captain Underpants & the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People by Dav Pilkey
Fantastically funny book! The characters use the Purple Potty to travel to an alternate universe where everything is the opposite of what they're used to. They meet Captain Underpants evil twin Captain Blunderpants there as well as their own evil opposites. They zap back to the real world but their evil opposites come back too and try to destroy earth with an evil bionic hamster. As crazy as it sounds, also full of comic book-style pictures.

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
Dublin-based Derek Landy's first novel follows the adventures of a skeleton detective and his sidekick Stephanie

For more information
Price of books: Book prices may vary from shop to shop.
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Books For March Book Club
(All books provided courtesy of Borders Bookstore, West End Retail Park, Blanchardstown)
Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke €7.45
Captain Underpants & the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People by Dav Pilkey €7.45
Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy €13.99 (Harper &Collins)