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You Didn't Hear it From Us - Tips Every Woman Should Know

Friday, 9 March 2007


Were joined today by a live satellite link to New York to two bartenders who not only serve drinks but serve women the truth about men, making an impression and getting what you want when chatting the boys up at the bar.

"You didn't hear it from us: Two Bartenders Serve Women the Truth About Men, Making an Impression, and Getting What You Want".

The authors of the book are Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric. Owners of one of Manhattan's coolest cocktail bars "Employees Only". The guys will join us in a live link from New York City to fill us in on all they've witnessed over the years.
The guys have spent years watching on in horror as women have made blinding mistakes in their attempts to hit on guys.
"Ever wonder how the great flirts do it? How they manage to attract a man's attention, even in the distracting setting of a crowded bar? And then, once they've got it, how they keep him focused? The people standing behind the bar watch this game play out night after night. Now, two of the best in the business, Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas, are ready to spill all the secrets of the hookup game. In this groundbreaking book, they tell women everything they need to know to pick up men (the right men).

A good bartender doesn't just know how to mix drinks -- he knows how to read people, too. Dushan and Jason have witnessed every kind of hookup (and screwup) you can imagine. They know who is going to send over a drink before he even thinks of it. They can tell if a man's a bully, a loser, or gay as soon as he walks in the door. Most of all, they know what women have to do to make guys want to get their number.
Drawing on their own observations as well as surveys of their patrons, Dushan and Jason show women what men are really thinking and how to use that information to their advantage. They provide step-by-step advice on everything from how to approach a guy to how to tell if he's worth it, and how to make an exit if he's not.

Filled with street smarts, bar lore, and, of course, delicious cocktail recipes, You Didn't Hear It from Us is ultimately about more than dating -- it's about learning how to present the best parts of yourself, thus making the world your martini glass"

Some tips suggested by the guys:
Smile: If you like a guy in a bar, the easiest and most effective way of taking things further is to simply smile at him. Jason says:- Jason says: "Guys are just as nervous about approaching women, as women are about approaching men. But all he is looking for is permission to do so and a smile does just that. And smiling in general sends out great signals.

Don't Say too Much: Women have a reputation for talking far more than men but blethering away to a man you have just met is never going to impress.
Jason says: "Girls have to be aware of how much they are talking or a guy will lose interest quickly. And besides nothing flatters a guy's ego more than being listened to.

Use the Busy Bar: Getting a drink at a busy bar can be frustrating. By asking a cute guy to get the attention of the bar staff for you, not only will you get served much quicker but you also create an opening for conversation.
Jason says: ".you never know, he may even pay for the drink"

Don't do tarty: Dressing sexily is one thing but believing that the more flesh you have on show the more attractive you will be to the opposite sex is a mistake.
Jason says:".being comfortable in what you are wearing gives you confidence and makes you naturally sexy.high heels, bare legs, mini skirt and a boob tube reek of desperation."

Don't obsess about flaws: Most women obsess about their body shape but the men don't even notice half as much as women think they do.
Jason says: "When a guy is attracted to you he just likes what he sees. What will put him off though is you obsessing about a "flaw" and needlessly showing him."

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 "You didn't hear it from us" is available from Harper Elements
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