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Back to Basics with Suzanne Walsh - Necks

Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Were going back to basics with the fabulous Suzanne Walsh and today she's showing us how to cover up our ageing necks with subtlety and style. 

When do our necks show signs of age?
The neck area like our hands is very exposed. However the skin on the neck is much more delicate and more prone to showing the effects of exposure, age and lack of care more readily than the hands. While treatments to reverse the signs of ageing on the hands and face are very successful the neck area is much harder to reverse the signs of aging on. So it is very important to look after and protect the delicate neck area from an early age. Signs of aging on the neck really begin to show in the early forties.

Loss of elasticity
This occurs naturally as we age. The effects of exposure to the elements, sun, diet, fitness levels all have an impact. To slow down the process always wear protection when outdoors wear a scarf in the cold winter months. Always wear sun protection the neck is highly exposed and must be protected from the harmful UV rays 12 months of the year. 
What creams to use

. Clarins extra-firming neck cream - €55 - Widely Available
. Lancome renergie morpholift firming neck -  €69 - Widely Available
. Vit E Neck Gel - €8.55 - The Body Shop
. No. 7 Uplifting Firming Mask- €14 - Widely Available

Suzanne's Personal Favourite Neck Cream:
This she finds work wonders on her neck area, expensive but a little goes a long way. It uses ground breaking technology to repair, strengthen and minimize sagging skin on the neck an all round anti-aging fix for the neck area.
. Elizabeth Ardens Prevage - €199 -Widely Available

Not only do our necks show signs of age through wrinkles and sagging, but we also suffer from age and sun spots, how do we prevent them? Are there creams for you?

Pigmentation on the neck
Pigmentation marks appear on the neck and are especially visible on people who like to holiday in the sunny climates. Often when applying sun protection the upper neck - under the jaw line gets neglected as do the sides of the neck. However when people are lying down on sunloungers the sun shines directly on theses areas so be very precise with protection application. Also people who drive a lot get pigmentation marks when they least expect them. Very strong sun coming through the car window can cause pigmentation and with traffic as it is you could be sitting in the glare of sun for some time. So put your sun protection on every morning. Always have your doctor check any irregular moles or raised skin on your neck.
. L'Oreal solar expertise - €16.99 - Widely Available
Active anti-wrinkle & anti-brown spot sun cream with Spf 30 and ideal for your handbag or car.
. Dermalogica Skin Brightening System - €103 - Widely Available

Exercise to strengthen the neck area

. Sit tall and straight with the chin held high.
. Close your lips and smile with the upper lip only.
. Place one hand at the base of the throat and pull skin down slightly with a firm grip.
. Tilt the head back.
. You should feel a strong pull on the chin and neck muscles.
.  Repeat twenty times.

Your neck still remains the most neglected area. The lines, wrinkles and folds that age causes, represent the look of a turtle's neck - all dried-up, and  wrinkly, and never mind how dewy fresh your face might look, a turtle neck and wrinkly hands will give your age away, unless you do something about it. So get exercising ladies! We will all have better looking necks then by the end of the show!!!