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Back to Basics with Lisa O'Connor - Eye Make-Up

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Your eyes can tell a lot about you, and many refer to them as the window to your soul. You can use your eye make up to create a number of different styles and moods, and to make a feature out of your eyes. Today we are going back to basics and looking at how we can open up our windows to a brighter future with our eyes!

About Lisa
Lisa O Connor has worked as a makeup artist for the past 14 years with most of the top prestigious cosmetic companies. In 1998 when M.A.C first arrived in Dublin she began her 7 year career working as Makeup Artist and Manager. While working with M.A.C Lisa developed her makeup artist skills as well as working on exciting projects from the MTV awards and The Brown Thomas Supermodel shows.

In July 2004 Lisa decided to move on and start a freelance career under the company name The Beauty Source. In those 2 years she specialised in Bridal, photographic and Fashion makeup. She has built up a regular clientelle including Sile Seoige, Hazel Kaneswaren and also worked with international celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Carrie Fisher and Anna Friel. She created makeup looks for RTEs "You're a Star" and "Celebrity You're a Star".

Lisa also travels Internationally with Peter Mark top stylists were she designs looks for hair shows and competitions as well as working with them in Dublin.

Eye Shapes:
Close and deep set eyes: Cher
Wide set eyes: Liza Minnelli
Droopy eyes: Britney Spears
With droopy eyes you should always avoid eye shadow underneath the eye as that will enhance the droopiness. Wear eye shadow on top of your eye lid and focus on opening up the eye. Maybe wear some false eye lashes at eth end of your eye to widen that part of your eyes. This will get rid of the droopy look.
Round eyes: Lilly Allen
With this shaped ye you want to elongate your eye so kicking up the eye liner at eth end of your eye will do that. As well as not wearing your eye make up all around your eye as that will enhance the shape of it been round.
Almond eyes: Lucy Lu / Paris Hilton
This would have to be the best shaped eye, however all ayes are perfect on each individual as they are shaped fro their face. What works for the almond shaped eye is the smokey 1920's look, this will enhance your eyes and it will be the first thing people will see when they see you walk into a room.

What colours?
What eye shadow shades work for you will be influenced by your skin tone, hair colour and, most importantly, your eye colour? But the eye shadow shades you choose should ultimately be decided by your personal style, what looks good and feels right to you.

What colour eye shadow suits blue eyes?
If you have blue eyes you should stay away from cold colours like blues and lilacs as they will not compliment your eyes, you should go for warm browns and godls to open you eyes and bring out the blueness of your eyes.
The Eye Shadows:
Heather, €22, Bobbie Brown
Woodrose, €22, Bobbie Brown
Grey, €22, Bobbie Brown

What colour eye shadow suits green eyes?
For green eyes, you should work with plums, purples and lilacs and they bring out the green in your eye. You should star away form browns as they will make you look tired and darken your bright green eyes, however is you get a nice goldy brown it will work with your green eyes. It's how you wear it and work it ladies!
The Eye Shadows:
Taupe, €5.07, Barbara Daly, Tesco
Plum Souffle, €5.07, Barbara Daly, Tesco
Easy on the eye, plum, €9, Barbara Daly, Tesco

What colour eye shadow suits brown eyes?
For Brown eyes tried and true eye shadow colours are tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, and lime green. The contrast adds punch to brown eyes as you have such warm looking eyes you can get away with a nice cold colour to open up your eyes!
The Eye Shadows:
Freshwater(Blue), €14.50, MAC
Rule (Orange), €14.50, MAC
Pink Venus, €14.50, MAC

Lisa's Top three Mascara's:
Zoom Lash - MAC - €12.50
Telescopic Mascara - L'Oreal - €13.99
Fatale Mascara - Lancôme - €23

Lisa's Tips:
Black and white eye liners by rimmel should be in every girls hand bag. They are cheap and great at enhancing your beautiful eyes. When you apply the white eye liner on the inside of your bottom eye lid you eyes will appear bigger and brighter. The black eye liner is great if you forget your massacre and you need your eyes to look a little alive, it also helps you achieve the smokey sexy eye look if you have the time!
Bourgeois, €6.50, chemist nationwide

Eye makeup tip 1:
Generally warm tones i.e. earthy, golden etc. will compliment warm skin (yellow based, olive, medium to dark skins). Cooler tones e.g. pastels will compliment cool skin tones (very fair, very dark, and light to medium skins).
Eye makeup tip 2:
Do not wear bold eye makeup and a bold lipstick at the same time. If you are using vivid or edgy eye shadow team it up with nude lipstick.
Eye makeup tip 3:
When you look at a women's face you see her eyes not her eye shadow. The general rule is that light shades bring out your eyes and darker shades give them dimension. If you have small eyes, and want to give the impression of larger eyes, you want to stay with lighter shades. If you have large or protruding eyes you would want to use darker shades. Keep the basic principles of light and dark in mind while choosing and applying eye shadow colour. Dark colour recedes, light colour brings forward.

Contact Information
Lisa O'Connor
Phone: 087 29 555 21
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