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Monday, 29 January 2007


Top stylist Gary Kavanagh is back and he's showing us how to get a picture perfect cut for a heart-shaped face.

Our volunteer - Susan Nolan
Susan is our forth volunteer in need of a hair cut! She feels like she is in a rut with her hair and hasn't changed the style in years! She has been watching the transformations on our show and wanted Gary to take her hair and style it so she too can look like a new person and control her frizz! She lives in Dublin, but is a born and bread Essex girl! She moved over here and married Derrick, and loves Ireland! She is a happy young mum looking after 4 children! She is really looking forward to the new style and chatting with Gary! Our Susan is a classic heart shape face!

The heart shape is wide at the hairline and cheekbone and comes to a slender or pointed chin. People with this face shape often have a widow's peak. Some celebrities with the heart shaped face are, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Love Hewitt,  Claudia Schiffer, Juliette Binoche  and Lisa Kudrow!

The Hair do's
Best styles for the heart-shaped face are ones that bring the hair forward onto the forehead. A side parting, such as the one Jennifer Aniston often wears, and wispy bangs are flattering. Chin-length or longer styles. Side-parted hair styles. Swept-forward layers around the upper face, gently wispy bangs. A chin length bob is great for the heart shape! This creates a balanced look by giving fullness where you need it. You can wear shorter styles; however, if you are a dramatic heart shape you need to leave weight in the back nape area. This will achieve more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and more narrowing chin.

The Hair don'ts
Blunt-cut bangs, center parts. Short, full styles that emphasize upper face. Height at the crown. Severe, slicked back looks. If you are a dramatic heart shape, the short full styles with tapered necklines which emphasize the upper face will make you look top heavy. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin. Just remember if you have a dramatic heart shape face, you have great cheekbones to emphasize! Don't miss the boat by getting a cut which is to top heavy.

What Gary wants to do:
"Susan has a classic heart shaped face. The solutions to balance her hairstyle is to have aplenty of width around the jaw line, so I will be taking the length up just below her chin. I will also put some layers in as well as a bit of height which will suit her. I then hoping I have time will tong the hair into a big loose curl at the ends. So I hope to give her a style that not only suits her, but will be a little more fashionable for today."

Tip to Find your Face Shape
A good way to determine your face shape is to pull all your hair back away from your face, look in the mirror and trace your face with a soap bar or lipstick.

Face shapes and what suits

Considered the most versatile face shape. Many other face shapes seek hairstyles to make them more oval.
Hair dos: Looks great with almost any cut - short or long, one length or layered. Jada Pinkett Smith's curly do is just one of many styles that suit her oval face.
Hair don'ts: Don't spike hair too much, as it makes the face look longer.

ROUND- Karen Greaney
Full-looking face with a round chin and hairline. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears. Create some height at the top and length in the back. Feather for a sleek look. Hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Try off center parts. Short hair styles with a swept-back direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, your face shape will appear longer and narrower.  For curly hair, keep it all one length and longer if possible. High ponytails with loose strands around the face suit this face shape.

SQUARE- Amber Ashe
Marked by a very strong, wide jawline and a square hairline.
Hair dos: Flattering styles include longer lengths and hair that comes forward onto the face at the sides, as Salma Hayek often wears. Curls soften angular edges. If you want to go shorter, stick to the classic bob.
Hair don'ts: No geometric styles or wedge cuts.

OBLONG - Brid Martin
Sometimes called the slender face shape. People, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, with oblong faces may also have a slender neck.
Hair do's: Best hairstyles for this shape often have width through the jaw line. Add fringe or bangs.
Hair don'ts: Too-long hair or very short cuts can accentuate the oblong shape. So can wearing hair pulled back as Sarah Jessica Parker sometimes does.

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