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Snip & Tuck with Gary Kavanagh - The Square Face

Monday, 8 January 2007


Every Monday for the next few weeks on The Afternoon Show, we are going to see how to style your hair for your face!  We hope to learn about why face shapes as well as the size of your head matter when getting your hair styled!

The right hair cut can transform your face, bring your best features centre stage and bring the less fortunate feature into the wings.  Hair Guru Gary Kavanagh is here today to tell us more.

The Right Cut!
It's amazing what the right hair cut can do for a face!  It can give you a narrow jaw line, plump cheeks, add bones, subtract years off your face!  But how?  Well, all you need is a hair dresser to look at your face and tell you when shape it is and to go with his or her suggestion rather then what is hot right now with celebs or in the fashion industry!

Knowing the contours of your face and what complements it is the key to choosing a haircut that's not only in style but also looks right on you.  So important is face shape in determining how to cut hair!

The different face shapes are:  The heart, the diamond, round, pear, oval, square and oblong.  A good way to determine your face shape is to pull all your hair back away from your face, look in the mirror and trace your face with a soap bar or lipstick.

Face Shapes & What Suits
. Many consider the oval face shape ideal because almost any hair style and length is flattering.  Heart shapes are marked by wider foreheads and a pointed chin.  Their most flattering styles include medium to short lengths and wispy bangs.
. People with square face shapes have a square hairline and strong jaw line.  Curls soften the edges of the face.  Sarah Jessica Parker is a perfect example of an oblong face shape.  Bangs swept over the forehead help make the face look more oval, and people with this face shape should avoid too-short or too-long styles.
. Round faces are wide across the cheekbone area and round at the chin.  Hair that falls to the shoulders is ideal as it helps to create a longer, less round look.  "Feathered" and longer layers are also flattering.
. Occasionally, a famous person's signature hairstyle reaches the iconic level and the masses rush out to copy it.  So what happens when everyone wants the cut of the moment regardless of their particular face shape?

Our Volunteer Amber Ashe
Amber is from Kerry and is in her early forties.  She just got married in '05 and is a tarot card reader during the week and a dog beautician at the weekends.

Amber has had a disaster hair Christmas!  On the day of her Christmas party Amber and a friend were in the dog beauticians and decided to dye her hair.  Amber's hair is naturally blonde and she wanted to brighten it up.

They pair left the dye in for the required amount of time but when they went to rinse it out, Amber's friend grabbed blue dog-hair dye instead of shampoo!  They had to use dog shampoo to try to wash it out, which was way too harsh for Amber's hair!

They thought of using a matt spray to help detangle her hair from the shampoo might help, but once again it went wrong and they put mating spray into her hair!  Amber ended up at home instead of going to her Christmas party.  She has since dyed her hair black for a change but hates it.

The Square Face
Amber has a square face, so we're looking at options for that style face today.  The goal with a square face is to soften the hairline with bangs.  Layering helps to soften the jaw line.  A side parting will break up the square ness or the symmetry of your face.  Waves which frame the face will also soften harsh angles.

. Flattering styles include longer lengths and hair that comes forward onto the face at the sides, as Salma Hayek often wears.
. Curls soften angular edges.
. If you want to go shorter, stick to the classic bob.

. No geometric styles or wedge cuts.

What Gary Wants to Do
Gary recommends that with a square shape face you should avoid a straight fringe as it focuses on creating a box out of your face, something you do not want.

What Gary wants to do is to soften Amber's hair around her chin by making it short so it will sit around the cheek and chin and make your face and chin look smaller.  He will keep her hair long behind her ears as it will frame the face. Gary also would like to give her a bit of volume as when you have a big face you need to work with making it look smaller and therefore volume is you answer!

The Products
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. Frizz Ease Hair Serum, used when blow drying hair, it smoothes out the hair, giving it a nice smooth bouncy finish.  Price €9-10.
. Finally a fab product for hair that's inclined to go into a curl, or frizz at the sight of damp or humid atmosphere.  Moisture Barrier helps to "seal" out moisture, so helping to keep the hair smooth and shiny.  Price €3-25.
All products available through major outlets such as Boots Chemists, and at the moment these products can be bought in their 3 for 2 promotions.