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Junior Book Club - December

Wednesday, 20 December 2006


Today is our December Kid's bookclub. The Bookclub will be reviewing "Disney High School Musical Book of the Film " and we'll be picking the book for this month.

Katriona McFadden Book Club Chair
Katriona McFadden has been working as a reporter with RTÉ Radio since 2001. Most recently she has worked as a roving reporter with The Tubridy Show and from September she will work as a reporter on the new RTÉ Radio 1 weekday drive-time programme. She joined RTÉ Radio after completing a B.A. in Journalism at DCU.  To date she has worked as a researcher and reporter on Five Seven Live and a newspaper reviewer on RTÉ 2fm's The Full Irish.  She has co-produced and co-presented a10 part series on the EU accession countries and her documentary Five Days in Tallinn was broadcast in December 2003.  She also produced and presented the children's radio programme The Funday Show. In 2002 Katriona spent some time working as a researcher on The Late Late Show. Katriona hails from Milford in Co Donegal, where her parents Michael and Kathleen continue to live with her brother Nicholas.

Kids Bookclub consists of
Darren Byrne (12)
Eoghan Murphy (11)
Sarah Brennan (11)
Shona Hodson (11)

About the kids
Darren Byrne: (12)

Darren has 1 brother called Shayne and no sisters. He has no pets. He loves Irish dancing and won the Leinster Dance Championships recently. He also loves soccer and he goes to Meath Hill National School.
Eoghan Murphy: (11)
Eoghan has 1 sister and 1 brother. He also enjoys Irish dancing and plays music. Sadly his dog died 3 weeks ago?. He goes to Redeemer Boys School.
Sarah Brennan: (11)
Sarah has 2 brothers and two sisters. She loves Gaelic Football and Irish dancing. She goes to Haggartstown School. Sarah has two dogs.
Shona Hodson: (11)
Shona loves Irish dancing, swimming and of course reading. She is an only child. She goes to Collon National School.

Katriona's synopsis of the book
"Disney High School Musical: The book" ( Parragon Plus ISBN: 1405491493)
This is the book of the Disney High school Musical Film. It tells the story of Troy and Gabrielle. Troy always wanted to be a big sports star and win the basketball championship. But since he met Gabrielle all he wants to do is star in the High School musical opposite her! Gabrielle is also torn between the musical and The Scholastic Decathlon team. Will they lead their teams to victory or will they follow their dreams onto the stage? Disney High School musical is an exciting tale of this young couple.
There is also a Disney High School Musical DVD out on Dec 4th.  It is described as a modern day "Grease". The Disney High School Musical is a hit Disney Channel Movie.

Children's reviews of the book
Darren Byrne: (12)

Darren didn't like the book, he thought there was too much crammed into it! He thought it was more for girls because of all the singing. His favourite character was Troy because he was a boy and he played basketball. He didn't like Gabriella because she was really annoying. He would like to be in a musical but only in the choir, not on his own.

Eoghan Murphy: (11)
Eoghan liked the book. He thought some parts were girly especially about the cheerleading and doing nails. He thought it was good for boys as well though because Troy and his friends played basketball. His favourite character was Troy. He didn't like Sharpay and Ryan because he thought they were mean and too posh. His favourite part of the book was when Troy was distracted and all his friends started singing. He thinks some parts of being in a musical would be good.

Sarah Brennan (11)
Sarah thought the book was very good. She thought there was something for boys and girls because there was basketball and singing. Sharpay was her favourite character because she was funny. She didn't dislike any of the characters. Her favourite part of the book was when they sang the last song. She wouldn't like to be in a musical as she thinks she's not a very good singer.

Shona Hodson: (11)
Shona thought the book was really good. She thought it was fun and adventurous. She thought it was good for girls and boys because it had sport and singing in it. She like Gabriella a bit because she had a really good personality. She didn't dislike any characters, she liked them all. Her favourite bit was at the start when Gabrielle and Troy were at the party. She would like to be in a musical.

Books For December's bookclub
Books for 9-12 year olds.
Book A : "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliett ( Scholastic Press ISBN: 0439372941)
Book B : "Charlottes Web" by E.B White( Parragon Plus ISBN: 0064400557)
Book C : "Eldest Inheritance Book Two" by Christopher Paolini (Knopfs Books ISBN: 03758267)

How to vote for December's bookclub
You can call 1512 71 70 71 and follow the instructions.
Calls cost 25cent
Or you can text BOOK A, BOOK B or BOOK C to 53555.
Texts cost 25cent.

About the books
 "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliett ( Scholastic Press ISBN: 0439372941)

When Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay come together after a series of unusual events strange incidents begin to occur. Soon the two involved in an international art scandal. The reader is invited to follow the puzzles and clues to unravel the mysteries with Petra and Calder. This book is perfect for those who love problem solving and is an exciting, interesting read complete with fantastic illustrations!

 "Charlottes Web" by E.B White ( Newberry Trophy ISBN: 0064400557)
This is a re-release of an old favourite in anticipation of it's movie release! Charlottes Web tells the story of a little girl named Fern, a pig named Wilbur and a beautiful grey spider named Charlotte who tries to save her good friend Wilbur from the slaughter. A fantastic book about love, friendship and caring that continues to touch the hearts of readers everywhere!
"Eldest" by Christopher Paolini (Knopf Books ISBN: 03758267)
The second book in the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. The story tells of an inexperienced dragon rider as he trains to save the land from an evil Emperor. This book is packed full of adventure, excitement and magic making it a great fantasy read!

More information
Price of books: Book prices may vary from shop to shop.

"Disney High School Musical: The book of the film provided by Parragon Plus.
ISBN: 1405491493 - €4.99

Books For December Book Club
(All books provided courtesy of Borders Bookstore, West End Retail Park, Blanchardstown)

Eldest by Christopher Paolini - €10.45
Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett - €8.95
Charlotte's Web by E.B. White - €10.45

All books can be bought as part of 3 for 2 offer in Borders.