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French Women for all Seasons with Mireille Guiliano

Friday, 24 November 2006


The art of being happy in your own skin, the way to eat well but not get fat, a guide to life from yoga to yoghurt and how to have your cake and eat it! It's all in one book and we've got the author here.

Author of 'French women don't get fat' is back with a new book 'French women for all seasons' which takes one step further and encompasses a 'lifestyle'  - how to live life to the full while still remaining trim, slim and brim full of energy.

Coming up to Christmas we will all be partaking in the festive season and perhaps over indulging! Mireille will show us how to apply a little French discipline in our lives.

Mireille Guiliano was born and bred in France. President and CEO of Clicquot, Inc. (LVMH), she is married to an American and lives most of the year in New York and in Paris. Her first book French women don't get fat, has appeared in 37 languages.

She was brought up in Alsace Lorraine and also spent a lot of time in Provence.  Her mother in particular encouraged her to get involved in food and the love of good food and always imparted tips on cooking and healthy living.

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French women for all seasons is published by Chatto and Windus and is priced at €16.99