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Winter Beauty with Suzanne Walsh

Tuesday, 14 November 2006


We have Suzanne Walsh in studio today, she's got the top beauty products for our skin and hair, making sure we sparkle and shine all through the winter time.

The winter months bring extra challenges for our skin. Cold winds, drying, moisture absorbing air conditioning and heating zap our skins of their water & oil content. To combat problems with our skin during the winter months the following products are recommended. Any extreme of temperature can put pressure on the skins condition and so in winter the constant move from hot and dry centrally heated rooms into cold outside weather can put one of the biggest strains on the complexion.


Cream cleansers usually contain moisturising qualities and are great in the winter. Cleansing our skin during the winter months needs to be thorough but gentle. Choose a cleanser with healing soothing properties that will help restore the skins natural protective layer.
No.7 Gentle Cleanser - €9.00 - Boots Nationwide

Exfoliating the skin is important to ensure that your moisturiser is reaching the living skin cells. A cream exfoliant mask that avoids abrasive properties is best. By getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin your moisturiser will work far more effectively and last longer.
Top tip for exfoliating
Exfoliate less over-exfoliation of skin makes it more susceptible to damage in harsh weather conditions.
Gentle exfoliation once a week is plenty or if your skin is sensitive once every two weeks
Lancome Exfoliance Confort - €27.00 - Shops Nationwide

Top tip for regeneration

Night time is a great time for the skin to recharge itself. Try turning your radiator off in the bedroom it really does make a big difference and try to make sure that you're not sleeping in any draughts move your bed away from the window. If you really can't bear to turn the heat down place a bowl of water under the radiator and refill regularly.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair €95.00
Also available for the delicate eye area: repairs dryness, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Make sure that your moisturiser is packed with ingredients that tackle the winter weather and its effects. You might have to move up a step in the winter and use a richer moisturiser. Prevage from Elizabeth Arden (just launched) promises to show a significant decrease in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles give skin a firmer look even skin tone and texture brighten the look of skin reduce the appearance of age spots and discolourations maintain collagen levels in the skin.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage  - €190 - Department Stores Nationwide

There are wonderful products available that act as a form of defence for your skin a bit like wearing a warm winter coat. They are applied to your skin after you moisturise and before you apply your make-up.
Clinique Super City Block uva/uvb & environmental protection suitable for all skin types spf 15 up to 40 -  €20.50 - Department Stores Nationwide

Lips are very vulnerable and need protection from the cold and wind.
No. 7 Lip and Eye Screen - €8.90 - Boots Nationwide

After the tans fade sun spots and pigmentation become more obvious and it is usually during the winter months that we notice these problems. Wearing an spf is the only way to protect against such damage. To tackle the problem of pigmentation and sun spots the following products are recommended.
Neutrogena Anti-Aging Hand Cream - €5.99 - Shops Nationwide

Our body skin needs extra moisture as well. Try and use products that are doing more like the newly launched super restorative body care from clarins, it contains caffeine which helps de-toxify the skin it also refines the abdomen and redefines the waist, all that and moisturising as well.
Clarins Super Restorative Body Care - €63 - Department Stores Nationwide

As a nation we are using gyms and pools more then ever especially popular during the winter months. Keep your hair protected with, especially good for protecting hair wet/ damp hair against the elements.
Boots Sun, Swim and Gym - €5.60 - Boots Nationwide


1/2 cup of sweet almond oil
1 cup of seasalt preferably Baleine or substitute sugar for more sensitive skins
3 - 5 drops essential oil
lavender- relaxing
lemongrass- refreshing
Rosemary- stimulating
. Combine oil and salt and mix well
. Add essential oil and mix
. Apply to dry skin using circular motion to exfoliate dead skin cells
. Do this preferably sitting on the side of the bath to keep from making a mess
. Shower off
. Do not use if you have any cuts or abrasions
Suzanne's Top Tips

. Drink plenty of water. Swap warm cups of tea for hot water and lemon or herbal teas.
. Mist plants with water spray helps to prevent the plants from pinching the moisture content in the air.
. Up your vitamin intake to avoid colds and flu. Drinking aloe vera is a great boost for the immune system. Reflexology helps to boost the immune system and prevent colds etc.
. If your looking a bit washed out or pale add some fake tan to your moisturiser to give you an all year round healthy glow.
. Apply tinted primers under your make up again they help to provide a lovely healthy sparkle to the skin.

Winter Beauty with Suzanne Walsh