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Back to Nature with Suzanne Walsh

Friday, 10 November 2006


It's National Organic week and keeping true to our roots we have Suzanne Walsh in the house to tell us all about the best natural beauty products on the market to keep our skin glowing without the chemicals.

S.O.S Hair & Scalp Rescue - €18.00- Bare Foot Botanical
this shampoo has been developed to help a range of common hair and scalp problems. Its superior blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils creates healthy scalps and beautiful strong, lustrous hair. Also suitable for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or dandruff.

Les Cacas Henna- €11.95 - Lush
This is completely chemical free, 100 percent safe, natural ingredients only. Lush uses pure henna - either red/black depending on the colour you want.There are 4 types: Brun, Marron, Rouge, Noir. Lush has added organic Fair Trade cocoa butter and coldpressed organic olive oil to add shine, protect the hair shaft and increase the tensile strength

Seanik Shampoo Bar - € 6.25 - Lush
Possible to best product for men since it washes the hair, can be used as a body wash in the shower, and can also wash clothes, so brilliant in any sports bag, or suitcase. Made with Irish Moss gel for soften and shine, nori seaweed and sea salt.  Also, has pure essential oils of lemon to help cleanse and promote shine, aphrodisiac jasmine and sweet orange blossom. Whilst Lush advocate minimal packaging, this clever little tin is totally reuseable.
Lemon Cleanser - € 29 - Eminence

Lemon Cleanser is great for all skin types including: dry, oily, normal and sensitive the benefit from using this cleanser are refreshing. It assists in preserving moisture balance within the skin and gently removes make-up and all other impurities. The Ingredients: lemon, herb oils, camphor, pectin, lactic acid.

Coalface - complexion soap- €6.95 -Lush
A black soap made with charcoal and liquorice for its astringent properties. Charcoal absorbs excess sebum. Excellent tonic and deep cleanses without drying, rosewood pure essential oil and sandalwood help soften, while glycerine helps the skin retain moisture.

Shaving Foam - €5.90 - Lavera
Prepared with herbals soaps, coconut, jojoba, witchhazel, calundula & echinacea jojoba - provides a natural film on the skin preventing razor nicks and avoiding irrations on the skin witchhazel, calundula & echinacea - calm the skin & prevent shaving rash. Mens skin in general is thicker than ladies and has different needs. Male skin tends to need more moisture and active cleansing. Razors will last longer using organic products as the preperations won't erode, blunt or rust the blade nearly as quick as chemical preparations.

Loose Powder - € 19.95-  Lagona Make Up
Powders help to "fix" your makeup base - whether a tinted day cream or liquid foundation - and provide a silken, matte finish. The body absorbs 60 percent of topically applied products. Organic make-up is the obvious choice for this reason. All natural ingredients with the colour pigments coming from mineral and plant extract.
Application Tips Wait until the foundation has penetrated before applying a powder. In choosing between pressed and loose powder, bear in mind that a loose powder softens contours, whereas pressed powders create sharper, more clearly defined effects. Also, pressed powders are ideal to freshen your makeup. Always apply powder with a brush or puff. Apply in the direction of the tiny hairs - otherwise, your complexion will have a dull appearance. For a natural, understated look, choose a color one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Orange Ginger Body Lotion - €9.50- Anne Lind Natural Wellness
Fruity, fresh and spicy - orange ginger. The sweet freshness of ripe oranges bursts in an explosion of aroma in your shower. The caring Body Lotion surrounds your body with its spicy fragrance, making a hard day at work child's play.

S.O.S Rescue Cream    €25.50- Bare Foot Botanicals
This cream is ideal for those withdrawing from steroid preparations. A smooth Shea butter base blended with herbal extracts, vitamins and special nutrients that make S.O.S uniquely suitable for dry parched skin. This cream has a luxurious feel and sensual aroma of Lavender, Neroli and Chamomile plant oil. Also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser - €44 - Eminence
A skin lightening anti-ageing moisturiser for normal/dry and pigmented skin. (Stone Crop is what we call Sedum - that whirly succulent that grows in walls - it's been used for centuries as a first aid plant) This is part of a stone crop range - really good for men too - as smells clean and fresh.

Sun Sensitive - Self Tanning Lotion - €13.50- Lavera Naturkosmetik
This is great for any one but especially pregnant woman as they can not apply any chemical based products onto their skin. So this product is a great one or when you would like to look brown and pregnant. It is derived form 100% plant extracts. It also has vitamin E and green tea extract which completes the nourishing effect. First natural tan tobe made. Suitable for face and body.

Toothpaste - €3.50 - Lavera
Ingredients organic echinacea & propolis which are both boosters for the immune system they also prevent gum inflammation and keep the mouth healthy in terms of bacteria. Calcium carbonate & silicic acid - both great plaque removers

Powder Puff - €6.75 - Lush
This is a powder version, natural deodorant. Brilliant to use all over the body. Made with pure essential oils of rose absolute and orris. Deodorants that stop the body from omitting sweat cause blockage which can affect the lymph nodes under the arms. It is very important that we allow our body's to sweat as this is how the body regulates it's temperature and also as a means of getting rid of toxins.

Sooth & Calm Baby Balm  - €13.00 - Organic Babies
Protect babies sensitive nappy area & calm away soreness. Rich in healing zinc oxide & omega-6 from hemp. Vegetarian not vegan.

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