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Trinny & Susannah - The Survival Guide

Thursday, 9 November 2006


They are the tough talking, no-nonsense First Ladies of Fashion, Trinny And Susannah are here to tell us how to balance being busy with looking fabulous everyday of the year!

They have just launched their new book, 'Trinny and Susannah The Survival Guide ( A woman's secret weapon for getting through the Year).  This is on top of their latest TV show on ITV 1, 'Trinny and Susannah Undress' where they get down to the barest possible in terms of both the physical and emotional side of a couple's relationship.

About Trinny and Susannah
. Trinny is married with two children.  She used to work in 'the city' in London with an office of 30 men! 
. Susannah is married with three kids. She has previously worked for designer, John Galliano. She also tried her hand at being a journalist and wrote about cricket and cars.
. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine teamed up in 1994 to write Ready to Wear, a down-to-earth weekly style guide for The Daily Telegraph. Their phenomenally successful column ran for seven years.
. Their first TV show was for Granada called Ready to Shop and Girls Who Shop.
. In 2001 they joined the BBC to present What Not to Wear. The show moved from BBC TWO to BBC ONE running for 5 series and was also broadcast around the world.
. They have also writen style books What Not to Wear, What You Wear Can Change Your Life, What Your Clothes Say About You and their latest. Their books have been number one bestsellers in Britain and the United States and have been translated throughout the world.
. They currently write a weekly column for The Sun..
. They launched their own range of Big Knickers in July including The Tummy Flatner, Bum Lifter and the Bum and Thigh Lifter .

About the book
The book is spilt into lifestyle sections such as how to shop with the top ten commandments, how to enjoy your own party, the art of not looking your age (including non -evasive procedures), tips for better health and an internet section.

Each section has a calendar with reminders such as March where you plan your summer holidays on the 1st, in April you plant your window boxes or the 20th of May when you cut out the cappuccinos and croissants if you're worried about getting into the summer bikini.

Every section also has rules about wearing dresses, tops, jackets, trousers and shoes and what suits what body shape.

They include some health tips including what sounds like a vile tip for sore throats where you chop up an onion, quite finely, sprinkle with sugar, cover, leave for 2 or 3 hours and then strain and drink the juice!

They have advice on their favourite shopping destinations which are London, Venice, New York and Paris

Party planning is another area that's covered including fun tips on place settings, especially if you are matchmaking such as seating the woman beside her potential match and someone else who will bring out the best in her! Or seating friends who will help on the outside so they have access to the dishwasher!

For more information
The book is published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson and is priced at about €22