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What A Difference A Day Makes - Bernice O'Sullivan - Part One

Tuesday, 24 October 2006


Our what a difference a day makes series is coming to an end for this year but not before it goes out with a bang. Bernice O'Sullivan is our last lucky viewer in this series to receive the ultimate makeover. Let's see what we have in store for her.

Bernice was nominated by her husband Paul.

About Bernie and Paul
They first met in may 1990 and he fell in love with her at sight! But she on the other hand had other things going on like heading off for a year to live her life and see what else is out there; she headed off to Australia in November that year. The night before she left at her going away party Paul got down on his knees and asked her to marry him. She was 24 and he was 27 ready to spend the rest of his life with her. She said he will have to ask that again when she gets home! What a girl!

They kept in touch with each other and he met her in London on her way home a year later and they spent three days with each other and he asked her again. She said yes! True love! They got married and never looked back since. She had her first child Aaron 8 years ago, Then five years later she had triplets! 2 girls (Amanda and Alice ) and a boy (Luke).

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10.30 am
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Acrylic Nails are harder wearing than Gel Nails and easier to remove when the time comes. Refills are required every three weeks. Lisa will be coming to Bernice's hotel room to apply the acrylic nails. So Bernice will be as relaxed as ever after all her treatments from that day! Acrylic nails are made up with a mixture of powder and liquid that bonds to form the nail. The nail plate has to be prepared and sanitized before application, set in a UV nail lamp then filed to shape and either glossed or painted for a perfect finish. To keep them looking perfect they need to be filled every three weeks to compensate for nail growth.
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