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What A Difference A Day Makes - Dev Lowe - Part Two

Thursday, 19 October 2006


Were going to see what a difference a day has made to our next makeover victim, Dev Lowe. We met Dev on Tuesday and whisked him away for 24 hours of top beauty treatments. Let's see how he got on.

The Treatments

Hot Towel shave, Hair Singe & Head Massage
This barber shop is like walking into the 1920's its all authentic and has been there for years. Liam the Owner looked after Dev and explained exactly what he was going to do. The hair singe was quite an experience for Dev and for any one to see and get done. They light a singe candle and go through your hair and singe the ends to keep your hair in good condition and get rid of the split ends. It looked fantastic and fair play to Dev getting it done, not many people are willing to let a lit flame to their head of hair!!  The next thing was the hot towel fringe. This was a great treat for Dev, though he doesn't have much hair to shave off, but they say with such a close shave as well as the oils and hot towel he will not needto shave for 3-4 days! Great news lads! To end it off a cold towel was applied to close the pores that had been opened for the close shave. After this he had a lovely head massage. Tonic was applied onto his head and Liam looked after the massage where Dev nearly fell off his barbers chair with pure relaxation, a great hangover cure!!
Waldorf Barbershop
13 Westmoreland Street,
Tel: 01 6778608

Eyebrow shape, Manicure  & Pedicure
When Dev arrived into the salon they looked after him very well. They decided to give him a real treat and give him the whole works of a pedicure, manicure as well as the eye brows waxed (hee hee) and plucked for a nice manly shape. The manicure is a big thing that men need, as their hands are usually in bad condition from all the hard graft. They never push back there cuticles or even file them. The difference of Dev's hands when he arrived to when he was leaving! Sure he will be back to work now not picking up any boxes scared his nails might break!  He loved the waxing and he was quite a man, didn't whimper at all, the only thing he was not too happy about was leaving for lunch with raw red eyes!
27 St. Annes Lane
01 6716443

Caribbean therapy Body Treatment wet room with shower
This was quite an experience for Dev and he loved it, he felt like he was floating afterwards. This treatment involves a rejuvenating and nurturing body treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to create inner calm and renew the body and senses. It begins with a dry exfoliation followed by a smoothing, detoxifying seaweed mask, a comforting body wrap and a scalp and face massage. After a refreshing shower, a restorative body massage completes this island-inspired experience. No wonder he felt like he could float afterwards!
Whetstone Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa
24 South Anne St,
Phone: 01 6724727

Botanical skin resurfacing enhancement
This is a hands-on alternative to micro-dermabrasion Facial for Self Renewal. This intense focus on exfoliation will result in smoother skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, decreased pre size and significantly more radiance - all without irritation and inflammation. Dev felt at ease with this relaxing treatment. While the mask was drying he had his hands massaged, this Kilkenny boy will be heading home a kept man!
Whetstone Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa
24 South Anne St,
Phone: 01 6724727

Laser Tooth Whitening
Now, Dev really wanted this done as he just hates his teeth and they are yellow due to smoking and coffee drinking. So he loved the experience of the laser tooth application as well as the end result, he will not be able to stop smiling after today! What laser tooth whitening does is it's a light-activated whitening procedure it's an effective, convenient and safe way to remove stains, and can improve your teeth colour up to nine shades brighter. Using a revolutionary, proprietary light source with a proprietary whitening gel, we are able to whiten your teeth in just over an hour.
Take care of your teeth at home
. Brush your teeth twice daily or after each meal; and done forget to floss daily. It is the most important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and very clean.
. Use a whitening toothpaste once a day and a soft bristle toothbrush
. Visit your dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups, at least twice a year.
The Laser Centre
14 Hume street,
Dublin 2.
Phone: (01) 676 32 51

Hair cut and styled
Alex, a top stylist in the well know Kazumi hair salon looked after Dev's hair and styled. He cut his hair so he can look after it as well as maintain it. Dev didn't have much hair to work with but Alex worked it out and made Dev look better then ever!
Kazumi hair
36 Molesworth Street
City Centre
Dublin Dublin
Phone (01)6785004
All Dev's clothes from Arnotts
Here is the list of credits for Dev Lowe's outfit from Arnotts.
Brown velvet blazer, Scotch & Soda - €145.00 - Arnotts
Brown v neck jumper, Ted Baker - €110.00 - Arnotts
Brown and lime stripy shirt , Ted Baker - €130.00 - Arnotts
Jeans, Diesel -€115.00 - Arnotts
Scarf, Ted Baker - €40.00 - Arnotts
Shoes, Dubarry - €75.00 - Arnotts