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Nail Therapy with Leighton Denny

Monday, 16 October 2006

We have leading UK nail technician Leighton Denny in the house today to give us his top tips and tell us what the best dressed nails are wearing this Autumn.

Leighton Denny is a leading UK nail technician, he has utilised his expertise and experience to create Leighton Denny Expert Nails, a pioneering range of hand, nail and foot care products and up to the minute nail colours.

A bit about Leighton
Leighton was born in Bradford in the north of England in 1974. Leighton's passion for nails began when he watched his mother have a manicure whilst on a trip to the USA. Leighton was inspired by the creativity involved and on return to the UK he embarked on a career as a manicurist. Leighton's talent was quickly recognized and he has won a host of awards including nail technician of the year for the past four years. With celebrity clients clamoring for appointments (including Naomi Campbell, Kate moss, and more), Leighton's nails have been hailed as the ultimate accessory and he has won so many awards he's not aloud enter anymore and is now a judge instead. Multinational companies have sought his expertise. Previously, Leighton was the nail expert and spokesperson for Max Factor, Crabtree & Evelyn, Rimmel and Marks & Spencers. In June he launches his very own brand.

Leighton's top tips
. Always use base coat and tops coat for a perfect looking finish
. Use a good hand & nail cream
. Cuticle oil is essential for good healthy looking nails
. Learn how to file correctly with a fine file
. Use a buffer on your nails

Tip 1
Back to the Base

Leighton explains that a base coat and a top coat are very important for protecting your nails as well as keeping the varnish lasting longer. By putting a base coat on your nail you are protecting the pigmentation and giving a good base for the colour to go on smooth. The top coat makes the nails look sleeker as well as helping the colour last longer.

Tip 2
Cream Queen

With the cold weather coming in our nails are now becoming dehydrated due to the drop of temperature. We need to keep our nail and hands hydrated and our skin looking radiant and younger. As we all know are hands show the first signs of aging so we have to look after them. He says all women should have a hand and nail cream in their office drawers as well as at home, so that there is no excuse for you not to protect your hands and keep them glowing. He explains you should try and find a cream that is not sticky and that the hand absorbs fast. They only way to do this is trial and error for example when in super markets you should try one out and see how your skin looks and how the cream absorbs. Then if you love it, buy it!

Tip 3
Oil it Up

Leighton says that every woman should use cuticle oil every day for a perfect quick fix for dried out cuticles, it makes them look and feel softer and smoother. It gives added sheen to natural or painted nails and immediately improves their appearance. Helps wet polish dry faster too. The cuticles shape your nail, so if they are dry and need moisturiser they will make your nails stand out and not look healthy. Putting this oil onto your cuticle at night is a great tip as your cells are renewing and therefore the oil will work at its best, and before you know it your cuticles will be softer and less dehydrated.

Tip 4
Keep on Filing

Filing your nails correctly is the most important thing to do when looking after your nails. If you do it incorrectly you will not seal your nail and therefore you open them up to breaking and not absorbing all the nutrients. Also by filing them correctly you help seal the nail which helps your nails to grow at a faster rate. Leighton thinks that a fine file with a crystal base is the best form of file.

Tip 5
Buff it Up

Buffing your nails is like exfoliating your skin, Leighton likes to say. Your nails are nearly always dehydrated and to keep them looking their best you have to buff your nails. Also by buffing your nails it shines your nails and helps them look healthy. By buffing you also make your nail a platform for the varnish colour to grip onto your nail perfectly.

Another tip from Leighton
Leighton explains that all these tips are essential. However if you listen and work on your hands and nails with Leighton's tips and then you use nail varnish remover with acetone in it as it will strip your nails from all the nutrients and work you have just done.

Leighton's Top Nail Polish Tips
. To minimise bumps and peeling polish, make sure nails are clean and dry.
. Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands to mix consistently. Shaking can create undesirable air bubble.
. Wipe excess polish from the brush onto the inside neck of the bottle. The brush should have just enough on it to cover one nail.
. Start form the base of the nail for a smoother finish. To avoid getting polish on the cuticle, place the brush on the nail about 3mm away from the cuticle and push backwards towards it, stopping just before the skin. Then make the usual stroke up towards the tip.
. It is better to apply frequent thin coats of polish, than fewer thick coats. The thicker the coat, the longer it takes to dry.