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What a Difference a Day Makes - Miriam Dunne Part Two

Thursday, 12 October 2006


It's been 24 hours since we sent Miriam off to get pampered from head to toe in our ultimate what a difference a day makes makeover extravaganza. Today we reveal Miriam all smiling shiny and new.

Her Treatments
Mole Scanning

Collette looked after Miriam really well when she arrived into the SILK clinic explaining how the procedure of mole scanning will be done and why it is so important. She kept Miriam at ease as it is with out doubt a nerve wrecking experience. They checked her moles first under microscope then did an ultra sound photograph of them so that they could zoom in on the colour pigment and get all the details about the mole from the size, shape, colour, capillary I finding etc. Miriam was relaxed through out the whole procedure and very comfortable. Collette talked to Miriam the whole way through explaining the different colours. Miriam has two moles that she will need to get checked out by their doctor who will take the next step. This mole scanning is revolutionary and we would advice every one to get their moles checked out as it is done and dusted there and then within 5 -10 minutes and then you can take the next step if needs be.

Salt-a-Peel Anti-aging Facial with Vitamin c Ultra Sound Mask
The Salt A-Peel treatment combines a unique, patented ultrasound massage; DermaPhoresis, with rich, proven anti-oxidants and the unique salt based microdermabrasion using positive pressure. The Salt microdermabrasion is positive pressure painless microdermabrasion peel using pure salt as the abrasive. The Salt microdermabrasion effectively removes the stratum corneum, which comprises dead skin cells and encourages skin renewal. Following the microdermabrasion, DermaPhoresis is a 5-minute ultrasound treatment using an optimised frequency to gently massage a specially formulated masque cream containing powerful vitamins and glycolic products into the dermis of the skin.  The ultrasound treatment has been developed to ensure that the effect of the masque cream is focused intradermally, to stimulate the fibroblast cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. The masque cream contains carefully selected vitamins and other topical agents that are known fibroblast stimulators and essential for skin renewal. A full course of treatments will dramatically improve appearance by significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation, sun damaged skin and stretch marks. Miriam's skin looked radiant when leaving after her facial peel and she now wants one every month as she was told she really was not looking after her skin well and how important it is to. Poor Rory is in trouble after all these gorgeous treatments she will be expecting from now on for birthdays, Christmas and in general a day of pampering!! We all deserve this ladies get out there and start treating yourselves!
4-5 Chatham street,
Phone: 1850 425 425

Eyebrow shape and tint
This ten minute face lift works wonders, us women should all get it done! Tinted eyelashes help give your eye lashes a break from mascara. It's great when your irritated and tired and all you want to do is rub your eyes without making a mess and looking like you have two black eyes. Dark and big eyebrows are in this season, so get them shaped and tinted to be in style and feeling sexy. Miriam looks great and very natural with her tinting and shaping done by the lovely Anne.
Anne McDevitt,
13 Wicklow St,
Phone: 01 6777962
website /

Deluxe Pedicure & Manicure
Miriam was booked in for a white chocolate and cranberry pedicure as we know she is a chocolate lover. This pedicure involves the usual ropes with a twist; her feet will be dipped into white chocolate paraffin and finished of with a cranberry infused massage. Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate are served on the side for the ultimate pedicure treat! Perfect for chocolate lovers like Miriam!! When she arrived in mink she felt like she was an extra on Charlie and the chocolate factory as she as dosed with chocolate and strawberries. They all really looked after her in mink and she really felt like a princess leaving after a foot massage and pedicure and then a shoulder and head massage after her gorgeous rose petal and mint manicure!
Mink Hand and Foot Spa,
Dublin 4,
Phone: 01-2603076

Teeth Whitening
Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. Zoom! is safe, effective and very fast, and performed only by a dental professional. They looked after her very well in the dental clinic and she is really looking forward to treating her teeth at home with the after care at home whitening trays with Zoom whitening. It's a new and successful teeth whitening treatment out there in dental clinics and it's up to you after wards to keep looking after then as well as topping then up to the colour you like best.
The Dental Clinic @ The Body Clinic
24A Wicklow House,
Wicklow St,
Dublin 2
Phone:01 6339900

Hair Coloured & Styled
When Miriam walked into Zeba hair Salon, they looked after her so well and made her feel right at home. They took one look at her and knew what would suit her and after they had a chat about what she wanted they got to work straight away. She looked great leaving Zeba! Like a film star!
60 South William St
Phone:01 67 16 444

She feels so renewed and beautiful after all her treatments!
Thanks to every one that helped her feel pampered and like a princess.

The outfit
Miriam met up with Bairbre on Wednesday and they went shopping together in between the treatments! They headed straight to river island and shopped till they dropped! Bairbre found some great outfits for Miriam. Miriam fell in love with the leather jacket and feels sexy for a night out now with Rory
Leather jacket - €201.50 - River Isalnd
Cord Jeans - €58.50 - River Island