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What a Difference a Day Makes - Linda Kelly Part Two

Thursday, 5 October 2006


Were going to find out what a difference a day has made to our third lucky viewer to receive our ultimate makeover. Linda Kelly has been pampered from head to toe and were going to see her glow later on in the show.

Here's what was in store for her she got all these top beauty treatments in just 24 hours.

The Treatments
Mineral Boost Hydrobath

An invigorating bath where powerful jets of water massage specific areas of the body to release tension. Excellent for freeing your body from stress and tension of the day. Vita Cura Seaweed bath can also be added to your hydrotherapy bath which helps relieve stress, improve circulation and revitalise the body with its high mineral content. In the morning the hydrotherapy bath stimulates and allows you to perform to your optimum during the day.In the evening it relaxes you and prepares you for a good sleep. To really absorb the benefits it is advised to rest for a short period in the Tranquillity Room after the hydro bath.  
BABOR ShiTaoTreatment
The BABOR ShiTao treatment is a feel-good experience with a difference. A gentle pressure-point massage with smooth, heated lava stones moves along the body's energy channels, creating a sense of total relaxation for the skin and the senses, and promoting harmony and renewed beauty. The hot stones help to release tension in the muscles and give a warm feeling all over the body. Because the main active ingredients of the ScenTao contain of an anti - stress complex to include green tea extract, ginseng extract and ginkgo biloba. The treatment continues with a shiatsu face massage and concludes with a soothing back massage. The massage and the effect of the ScenTao energizing massage oils, which are based on herbal ingredients such as shiitake extract, ginkgo, rice germ oil and ginger, unblock the meridians, allowing the body's vital energy to flow freely again.

Powerscourt Springs Health Farm
Co. Wicklow
Tel: 00 353 1 276 2333

Lymphatic Drainage Facial
When Linda arrived into the Beauty Parlour, Yvonne noticed immediately that she had already had enough Aromathearpy oils for one day and decided the best treatment for her would actually be the Lymphatic drainage facial as her face needed a bit more circulation. It was incredible to see the difference after the treatment of how her face toned immediately as well as feeling more smooth. She looked radiant leaving the Beauty Parlour.

The Beauty Parlour
23 Terenure Place,
Phone: 01 4929977

Getting Designer Glasses

Here are a few guidelines and steps that were given to Linda when she arrived at the Dublin Eye Center. They should also be considered for any one looking for new frames or lenses. Yvonne Cassidy looked after Linda very well and talked her through each step of different shaped frames etc and helped her wisely to choose the right frames for her shaped face and work life. Linda only wears glasses when she has to but maybe now with the right chosen pair, she might never take them off!

Here are a few tips to remember

. If the patient has a particularly high prescription then smaller frames should be chosen and a high index material should be used in the spectacle lenses in order to make the spectacles look and feel thinner and lighter, in this way the spectacles will look less like a medical apparatus and more of a fashion accessory.
Lifestyle and Personality
. Whether one needs their spectacles for work eg , computers or at home minding the children their is a huge selection of frames and lens possibilities to recreate or revolutionising your image, and remember the right pair of spectacles can make you look younger, happier, healthier and more confident, unfortunately the reverse can also  be true, you can dislike your look or even yourself always remember a big personality always goes for the wow factor.
Face Shapes
. When selecting frames care should be taken not to match the shape of the face, ie a round face should not wear round frames. Frames should look balanced and in proportion to the face.
. To get you looking your best one of the most important ingredient's is to find the right colour combination to wear in harmony with your own individual hair, skin and eye colour.
Current trends
. There is a big swing to bold shell frames and we find that rectangular shapes are all in fashion at the moment, whether it be Dior, Diesel or a trendy Oasis is a matter of personal choice and means.

Dublin Eye Center
14 Terenure Rd East,
Dublin 5
Ph: (01) 490 5533

10 Minute Face Life
Eye brow tint and shape

The dye was applied by Linda and it was literally left on for no longer than 30 seconds for her eyebrows as it take no time for dye to take in. it was hard to believe the difference that a dye can do. Linda has plucked her eyebrows all her life and you could tell as they were badly looked after. One big tip for every woman is that we should all get our eyebrows tinted and professionally shaped once and then keep up the work from there.
She plucked the eye brows after the tint as when you pluck your brows your pores become open and therefore the dye will then get in and cause an infection. Linda enjoyed her little lesson on how to take care of her eyebrows.

The Beauty Parlour
23 Terenure Place,
Phone 01 4929977

Linda was really looking forward to getting her teeth whitened this week. She received Zoom whitening at SILK clinic. It a revolutionary procedure that is effective, fast and in just one hour her teeth were noticeably whiter! Look at her smile!

Teeth whitening

Hair - Cut & Style
David, the top stylist in Reds salon looked after Linda like a princess! She walked in and he took her under his wing and styled her hair with a great natural look! He also talked through how to look after her hair and keep it looking healthy and keeping a nice glow to it.

45 St Stephen's green,
Dublin 2,
Phone: 01 678 8211 / 678 8213 / 678 8214

Make up & Classes
Trevor, the make up artist with Bobbi Brown taught Linda how to apply her make up and also get her ready for the afternoons show. He explained colour and technique which Linda looking forward to.

Bobbi Brown
Brown Thomas,
Grafton Street,
Phone: 01 -6056767