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What a Difference a Day Makes - Linda Kelly Part One

Tuesday, 3 October 2006


It's week three of our What a Difference a Day Makes extravaganza and today we have another very deserving viewer in the hot seat. Linda Kelly was nominated by her mum Noreen and although she's already beautiful were going to make her even more so.

The Afternoon Show has asked our viewers to write in asking for the ultimate makeover, nominating their friends or family to have a make over with a difference. This year we are taking the classic makeover one step further across a 24 hour time span to allow for many more of the cosmetic treatment and procedures available. Let the games begin!

A bit about Linda
Linda has gone through so much yet has not complained one bit. The toughest time for her and the illness was in her early twenties during college and getting through all her exams as that meant most to her in her life.

She was diagnosed with M.E. after having the flu at age 14 and it just would not shift. She went back to school and ignored it however not for long as she became very weak and was fainting all the time. After lots of tests form doctors, reflexology sessions and tests being sent to England etc and finally she was diagnosed with M.E.

She wanted to do teaching all her life but was not able to due to the fact schools are riddled with bugs and with her low immune system and being susceptible to more bugs then some one else she could not take the risk, as well as the teaching course would have needed her to leave home, which was too much for her to do at the time of her illness.

She works very hard as an audit manager in O'Connor & Pyne. She met her husband (Daragh Murphy) 9 years ago at these events that her dad and she are active in, called road balling. It is basically where you throw 28 ounce metal balls down country roads. The person that wins the road balling is the person that throws the furthest and has thrown the least amount of balls. She and Daragh met there and it was love at first sight.

She loves animals, has two dogs (Maxi & Susie) with her family and has a dog (Rosie) with her husband. She loves animals so much, that she is also involved with her local animal centre with re-homing animals. She will do home visits and make sure the animal is feeling safe at its new home and also be there for the new family and answer any questions that they feel they need to ask etc.

About M.E.
- Muscle pain
ENCEPHALOMYELITIS - Inflammation of the brain & spinal cord
M.E. /C.F.S. is a complex and debilitating physiological illness involving neurological and endocrinal dysfunction and immune system dysregulation which is not improved by bed rest and can worsen with physical or mental exertion. Those affected also complain of many other related symptoms such as fever, sore throats, painful glands, muscle weakness, headaches, joint pains, sleep disturbance, confusion, irritability, poor concentration, and others.
Sufferers of this illness are overwhelmed with fatigue and muscular weakness, particularly after moderate exercise. They find themselves lethargic and unable to concentrate. Their mood swings like it never did before; they are irritable and encounter sleep pattern disorders. They shiver one minute and sweat profusely the next. Their muscles ache and are sore to touch. They feel as if they have a permanent 'flu.

Headaches, joint pains, bowel problems, sore throats and swollen glands also occur, along with many other bewildering symptoms. They want to get up and go, but are frustrated to find the body unable to respond. Any exertion, whether physical or mental, will most assuredly worsen the symptoms. Thus, any effort exerted towards regaining a normal life is punished, without mercy, by an aggravation of the very symptoms from which they seek escape.

Persons of any age or social background may be unfortunate enough to contract the illness. It affects all social classes to a similar extent and it affects all ethnic groups. The commonest age of onset is early twenties to mid-forties. Women are more commonly affected by a ratio of 2 to 1. In children, the commonest age of onset is 13-15, but cases can occur as young as five years old.

The Treatments
9am - 45min
Mineral Boost Hydrobath
An invigorating bath where powerful jets of water massage specific areas of the body to release tension. Excellent for freeing your body from stress and tension. Vita Cura Seaweed bath can also be added to your hydrotherapy bath which helps relieve stress, improve circulation and revitalise the body with its high mineral content. In the morning the hydrotherapy bath stimulates and allows you to perform to your optimum during the day. In the evening it relaxes you and prepares you for a good sleep. To really absorb the benefits it is advised to rest for a short period in our Tranquillity Room after the hydro bath.  
BABOR ShiTaoTreatment

The BABOR ShiTao treatment is a feel-good experience with a difference. A gentle pressure-point massage with smooth, heated lava stones moves along the body's energy channels, creating a sense of total relaxation for the skin and the senses, and promoting harmony and renewed beauty. The hot stones help to release tension in the muscles and give a warm feeling all over the body. Because the main active ingredients of the ScenTao contain of an anti - stress complex to include green tea extract, ginseng extract and ginkgo biloba. The treatment continues with a shiatsu face massage and concludes with a soothing back massage. The massage and the effect of the ScenTao energizing massage oils, which are based on herbal ingredients such as shiitake extract, ginkgo, rice germ oil and ginger, unblock the meridians, allowing the body's vital energy to flow freely again.

Powerscourt Springs Health Farm
Co. Wicklow
Tel: 00 353 1 276 2333

Guinot Aromatheraphy facial
Eyelash/brow tint and shape

The Beauty Parlour
Contact Yvonne
01 4929977

3pm- Dublin eye centre

Linda wears glasses when she is at work, yet hates wearing them we will be getting her fitted correctly with designer glasses to suit her face. She will love them so much she will be taking out the contacts and wear her stylish glasses all the time!

Dublin Eye Center
14 Terenure Rd East,
Dublin 5
Ph: (01) 490 5533
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm

4/ 4.30pm
Teeth whitening at the lovely Silk clinic.

Phone: 01 6351686

Cut & style

David is the top stylist in Reds on Grafton street. He's going to look after her hair and style it and also teach her how to look after her hair and keep it looking healthy and keep the glow.

45 St Stephen's green,
Dublin 2,
Phone: 01 678 8211 / 678 8213 / 678 8214

Make up
Trevor from Bobbi Brown will teach Linda how to apply her make up properly he will explain the different colours and technique you can use.

Bobbi Brown
086 3900 328
Email trevor.o'
Phone: 01 -6056767