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What a Difference a Day Makes - Karen Scully Part Two

Friday, 22 September 2006


It's time to see what a difference a day made to our deserving viewer Karen Scully who has been off on the Afternoon Show ultimate makeover. See her transformation from clown to queen in just 24 hours.

Karen was nominated by her lovely sister in Law Angelica for this make over. They are business partners and work together as clowns. Their company is Yoyo & Friends they do everything from puppet shows, juggling, face painting and magic tricks, for all party occasions. Karen and Angelica spend all their time together and Angelica believes that Karen deserves this make over as she never spoils herself, but she also just got engaged to her long term boyfriend and it is her birthday next week.

Karen got up early on Wednesday morning to get herself prepared for a day she will never forget! A day full of pampering and fabulous fun! Our cameras went around with her and caught up to see exactly what she was getting done and what was involved in each treatment! Let's see how she got on!

The Body & Face
Her day started off with a lovely Endermologie body sculpting treatment in Bellaza Clinic. It is recommended by Wayne Rooney's fiancé in her weekly magazine column, so it must be amazing!
What it does
Endermologie attacks the cause of cellulite at a deep tissue level, rather than simply smoothing the surface of the skin. For the new 45 minute treatment, clients are dressed in a cotton body-stocking and the areas affected by cellulite are massaged up and down by the beauty therapist, using a hand-held roller containing a powerful vibrating vacuum pump.
The process stretches and weakens the fibrous tissues attached to the layers of skin under the surface and so breaks down the fat cells. It also detoxifies by stimulating localised blood and lymph circulation, and increases production of collagen and elastin, which make the skin more flexible and supple. Endermologie is a unique, non-invasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin fitness.
Bellaza Clinic,
Health, Beauty, Toning,
27 Ranelagh Road,
(Canal end)
Dublin 6
Phone:01 496 34 84

Suzanne's Tip
Treating cellulite

. Factors that may contribute to the development of cellulite include poor nutrition, aging, smoking, circulatory problems, hereditary factors and hormonal dysfunction.
. Remove processed foods from the diet and include more organic fresh fruit and veg in your meals.
. Exercise, try walking for 20 minutes at least three times a week.
. Cut out or down on smoking and alcohol.
. Drink plenty of water.
. Dry body brushing after your shower or bath will increase the blood flow and lymphatic drainage and help detox the skin. Body scrubs while showering are also beneficial.
. After dry body brushing apply a firming body cream.
. Pu-erh-tea favoured by posh spice and many celebs is a great tea that helps eliminate toxins from the system also drinking lemon with hot water is beneficial.

From the emerdomologie she went straight to the next room (in Bellaza Clinic) to get the latest A listers (Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow) pampering procedure. It's a painless new way to get a skin peel. It's called Bioskin Micropeel.
What it does
Bio-Skin Micro-Peel exfoliates intensively with tiny oxide crystals and infra-red light therapy, then plumps up the complexion with ultrasound vacuum massage, all within 45 minutes. The treatment is perfect for sun-damaged, lined and wrinkled skin; age spots, enlarged pores and pigmentation marks; acne and acne scarring; stretch marks and generic scarring. And unlike injectables and acid peels, Bio-Skin Micro-Peel is pleasant, comfortable and relaxing.
What exactly is Bio-Skin Micro-Peel
It's a three-step rejuvenating process which combines hi-tech skin exfoliation, a safe, painless infra-red laser light to erase the very top, fine layer of the epidermis, and a moderate 'ultrasound' suction and calibration massage which improves vascular and lymphatic circulation.
Bellaza Clinic,
Health, Beauty, Toning,
27 Ranelagh Road,
(Canal end)
Dublin 6
Phone:01 496 34 84

Suzanne's Tips
. When exfoliating the skin at home choose a cream exfoliant rather than a scrub. We all tend to scrub too vigorously on ourselves so leave the scrubs in the hands of the beauty therapist.
. Home dermabrasion kits are effective I especially like L'oreal but it is essential to read the instructions and not to overuse.
. Always use a high SPF preferably 30 or above all year round but especially after any exfoliation.
. Gentle exfoliation once a week is fine. Remember in Ireland we get strong sharp winds so over exfoliated skin will have less of a barrier. With exfoliation just remember to not over do it.

The Teeth
After her beauty treatment Karen went off for a quick coffee before she got her teeth bleached! This is one of Karen's favourite treats as she really does not like her teeth colour and is really looking forward to the experience and the end result. Now she can smile to the kids when she is dressed up as phooey the clown and have sparkling white teeth!

Teeth Whitening took place in Anne's Lane Dental Center with Britesmiles. It only takes two hours. Once the teeth are bleached a 24 hour restriction applies for eating any food/drink that would stain a white shirt and some sensitivity similar to biting into an ice cream may result (although this differs from person to person but usually wouldn't last longer than 24 hours). The system they use for the bleaching is called Britesmile, this is an excellent system which usually improves the whiteness of the teeth by on average 8 shades.
Anne's Lane Dental Centre,
2 Anne's Lane,
South Anne street,
Dublin 2
Phone:  (01) 6718581

Suzanne's Tips
. The best budget method would be to use whitening toothpaste, if this was used in conjuction with a scaling and polishing at the dentist/hygienist ( a lot of people are entitled to two cleanings per year for free covered under the Social Welfare Dental Benefit Scheme) this  can improve the whiteness of the teeth up to about 3-4 shades.
. Anything that would stain a white shirt will stain you're your teeth. So avoid red wine, smoking, tea, coffee or at least try and cut down. Flossing is very important for healthy teeth and gums once you get into the habit of flossing it will become as easy as brushing your teeth.

The Eyes
After her britesmile treatment Karen went across the road where she received a beautiful treatment for eyes. It is called an Anne Semonin Eye Lift Treatment.
This is specific for dark circles, puffiness or fine lines caused by a general state of fatigue. Draining of shiatsu pressure points relives facial tension of reveal radiance and freshness of the eye contour area. It just takes 40 mins and it I worth it with immediate results!

When Karen arrives she was looked after like a queen. This eye lift also involved an Indian head massage to help her really relax after having her gorgeous teeth whitened! The beautician concentrated on working on Karen's puffiness rather then dark circles as karen suffers from the puffy eyes, and the end result really showed that the eye lift de puffed her eyes greatly.
FAB - Face and Body,
4A South Anne St.,
Dublin 2
Phone: 01 633 66 40

Suzanne's Tips
. Drainage under the eye area is very beneficial for removing puffiness and lessening the dark circles. Tap your ring finger around the eye area from the outside in to encourage lymph drainage and then run your ring finger in a continuous circle around the eye.
. Place cold tea bags or cucumber slices on the eyes lie down for at least ten minutes and you'll see a difference.

The Hair
At this stage of the day karen was looking and feeling great, very relaxed and regenerated. Her next stop was her hair. Top hair stylist Gary Kavanagh based in St Stephens green stylist to the stars was brilliant especially as we are considering a bob i.e. Victoria Beckham style. When Karen arrived in to the hair salon Gary took one look and knew that she needed a good healthy cut as well as some colour put into her hair for warmth and lift bringing her into the autumn. He took amazing care of her and she walked out of the salon feeling and looking like a queen!
Peter Mark
Hair and Beauty
St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2
Phone: 01 4780362

Suzanne's Tips
. Even if your hair tends to be greasy do condition, just put conditioner from the mid lengths to the ends.
. Have your hair cut or trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep it in optimum condition.
. Chlorine in swimming pools can have a damaging effect especially if your hair is coloured so always wet your hair before entering the pool and wear a water proof swimming cap.
. If a sauna or steam room is available pop your conditioner into your hair and let the heat from the sauna really help the conditioner do it's magic. A great way to deep condition the hair.

Tinting & Tan
For Karen's last treatment she was looked after by Donna Fitzpatrick. Donna decided not only to shape her eyebrows but also to tint her eyebrows and her eye lashes and then get a nice healthy glow with a tan application.
Faux Hair & Beauty
72 Francis St,
Dublin 8 
Phone: 01 4002656

Suzanne's Tips
The Eyebrows
. Always have your eyebrows professionally shaped. When plucking at home only remove the stray hairs and never go into the shape.
. Place the tweezers at the very root of the hair as close to the skin as is possible and pull the hair out in the direction of growth.
. Strong eyebrows are in this season so if your brows are of the slimmer shape just add texture and depth with an eyebrow powder or pencil. Powder looks more effective and not so obvious. In fact most make up artist just choose a suitable shade of brown eye shadow and apply that to the brows with a brow brush.
The Tanning
. Always exfoliate really well before you have your tan.
. Remove any body moisturiser from the skin. In fact if you can leave all body moisturiser off on the day you're tanning even better.
. Try to leave your underarm deodorant off on the day of tanning. The ingredients in deodorants often soak into the armpit and when mixed with a tanning solution can create that bluey green colour under the arm so just leave your deodorant off on the day of tanning.
. Always have your hair removal done at least 24hrs before tanning. If you remove hair on the day it can leave your pores open and the tan can sit into these pores and create little dark spots.
. To maintain your tan only pat dry after showering avoid having baths. Put loads of body moisturising cream on preferably one with a tan enhancer.

To Remember
With every treatment Karen is getting is good to remember immediate results are seen but to keep the results you will need to go to at least 6-10 sessions depending on your skin type and what you need or want.

Karen's Outfit
Our super stylist Bairbre Power looked after an outfit for our Karen. As she is never that glamorous and its coming up to her birthday as well as an engagement party Bairbre our fashion stylist got a lovely outfit for her from Michel Ambers.

Pure silk boned bodice dress - €180 - Michel Ambers.
Ostrich feather Shrug €100 - Michel Ambers.
Gold sandals - €115 - Carl Scarpa.