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Autumn Colours

Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Gone are the barely there days of summer. Just like this season's clothes and accessories, the make-up trends for autumn/winter are sophisticated. That means statement eyes and lips. If you love rich styles and colours then you are in luck. This is your season to shine!

Its autumn and every few months we should be emptying out our make up bags and getting new materials for our face and for that season's trend! Today is your day to know what colours to be wearing this autumn whether you are in your 20's 40's or 50's!

The shops are already filling with winter-warming clothes and autumnal colours. Get a head-start on your hair and make-up routine too, with this sneak preview of this season's biggest beauty trends and the new beauty booty hitting the shelves now!

The key this season is feature focus. Go easy on the eyes if you are going heavy with the lips and visa versa. Choose one focal point and work with it, to really get the look that way you wont look cluttered.

Return of the Lipstick is big this Autumn
After years in the fashion doghouse, lipstick is officially back with a bang, with reds being the shades of preference. Having featured for Moschino, Donna Karen and Miu Miu amongst many others, red lips are the make- up story for the autumn.

The modern lip formulations have evolved from gluppy, waxy, heavy product to sheerer lighter formulations, which make lipstick easier to wear. Red lipstick is quite difficult to wear. The trick is to find a shade to suit.

Most Irish women have cool skin undertones and should therefore look for blue- based reds. Unless you have warmer undertones, avoid yellow- based orangey reds, which will make skin look washed out and teeth very yellow.

Alternatively look for Berry shades, which are much easier to carry off and very flattering on most Irish skin tones, particularly older ladies.

For more modern red lips, look for sheer stains, avoid liners and always apply with a good quality sable brush. For younger ladies in their 20's and early 30's the trend is very 1980's- red lipstick with a warm pop of colour on the cheeks.

For slightly older ladies in their mid 30's to late 40's the burlesque look of black liquid liner and deep red lips is very fashionable and extremely flattering.

More mature ladies in their 50's and 60's should keep it classic with focus on eyes and brows and look to add warmth to the face with berry lips. 

20's- early 30's 
Red Glossy Lips - day - night!
The 80's re- visited

Just like fashion, make- up trends have a tendency to be cyclical, with inspiration often being drawn from previous decades. Winter 2006 with monochrome, fur detail, knitwear, tweeds, glitzy opulence and power suits prevailing on the catwalks, 80's- influenced make- up is set to be the major make- up story this season.

Think 1980's Brooke Shields, Madonna, Daryl Hanna, Cindy Crawford pre superstardom, Demi Moore, Kelly Le Brook, Kim Wilde etc. The inspiration may be 1980's, but the look is very much 2006: sleeker looks and modern twists, with red lips and heavy blush at the forefront.

Warm Blush
One of the biggest make- up trends this autumn is a strong, warm pop of colour on the cheeks worn with red lipstick. The 2006 look is feminine and pretty and not at all as harsh and severe as in the 80's. The look is very much blushing as opposed to contouring. Blushing mimics the body's natural response to certain stimuli. It is essentially the recreation and intensification of a natural glow brought on by certain stimuli such as gentle exercise and pleasure.

Using a large flat round- edged natural- fibred brush, coat one side of the brush with a powder blush and gently tap off excess. Smile and place the centre of the brush at the roundest and fullest part of the cheek, known as the apple. With the rounded edges of the brush facing towards the nose, gently swirl the brush around until it's facing the opposite direction and flick out towards the ear. Repeat if necessary. The secret to carrying off this lip and cheek combo is to keep the eyes very neutral.

Donna's Tips

Take out of make up bag
Bronzer is a no no this season as we are looking at pale is sexy! Irish women do wear too much bronzer which just does not suit our skin tones. So take it out girls!
Put in the make up bag
Multiple products is a must have as when on the go you can use the blusher and eyeshadows in the one compacts! Its great fun and less work!

The Products
Blusher - Nar's Orgasm  - €29 - Brown Thomas
Lipstick - Pout Gloss in Glamour Girl - €15 - Available in Department Stores Nationwide.
Lip Brush - Faux Kolinsky Sable Lip Brush - €19 - Available salons nation wide

Mid 30's- late 40's
Deep Red Lipstick

Sexy, seductive, polished, flattering and feminine- the burlesque look is huge this autumn. Perfect for ladies in their 30's and 40's the look manages to focus on both the eyes and the lips, but still manages to retain balance. Think the original burlesque dancer Betty Paige and more recently Deeta von Teese.

Black Liquid Liner
Black liquid liner is fantastic for helping ladies distract from fine lines and wrinkles. The mistake a lot of women make in their 30's and 40's is to apply colour on the bottom eyelid, drawing people's attention to the area where the first obvious signs of ageing appear: the lower lid.

By applying liquid black liner on the upper lid, the attention is drawn away from the usual problem area. Madonna gets this spot on. Many women steer clear of liquid liner, but the trick is to anchor shaky hands onto the face by resting the little finger of the applying hand on the cheek. This should help create a crisp, bold line.

Liquid liner should be worn with neutral eye shadow and plenty of mascara. The look can be adapted to day or night- for day keep the line thin and close to lashes. For night, flick liner out for extra sexiness and add false lashes to create the perfect come-to-bed-eyes.

Donna's Tips
Take out of make up bag

Blue eye liner as you can look more fatigued with this colour on your eyes. Keep away from bright colours and keep it as natural as you can as less is more!
Put in the make up bag
liquid liner this is great must have as this opens up your eye more and takes the on looker away from the crows feet and dark circles you might have.

The Products
Black Liquid Liner - €6.95 - Rimmell - Available in chemist nation wide
Lipstick - Stilla Salmone Lipstick - €17 - Brown Thomas
False Eye Lashes - € 16 - Make-up Forever @ 01 6799043

50's & 60's
Berry Lipstick Stains
Cheeks and Brows

Make- up trends come and go, but there are some basic classic looks that have stood the test of time and withstood the passage down through the decades. They have become classics, simply because they work. Older ladies are less likely to follow trends, but stick to looks that work for them and flatter their features. When a face is ageing, it loses both its definition and structure.

Perhaps the two most important features for re-creating structure and adding definition to a face are brows and cheeks, a fact well known by many ageing starlets from the heyday of the silver screen to the current style icons. Some of the world's greatest beauties have created a groomed, structured, defined look by focusing on the cheeks and brows.

The look spans over 60 years and has been favoured by the likes of Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Heyburn. Sarah Jessica Parker is perhaps the current most recognised purveyor of this look.

The Cheeks/Base

As a lady ages, colour is drawn from the face, with the skin becoming pale and ashy. One of the easiest ways of returning colour to the face is to add a 'flush of youth' to the cheeks with blush. Choose a peachy coral colour for best results. A foundation primer is ideal for skimming over any surface cracks and will add a luminescence to the skin. 

The Eyebrows
As a lady ages, the brows become sparser, grayer and longer. A good eyebrow shape can literally achieve the effects of an eye lift. Liz Hurley, Sharon Osbourne, Jerry Hall all have great brows, which take years off them.

Tweeze with a quality tweezers, rather than waxing to create a sharper finish. The first half of the brows should remain quite full with the second half tapering into a thin line. The highest point of the arch should be above the outer iris and the eyebrow should begin at the point where the brow, the outer nose and the inner corner of the eye meet in a straight line and should go no further than the point at which the outer nose, the outer corner of the eye and the brow meet in a line.

Support the skin well when tweezing and remove hair from above as well as below the brow. This will help shape the brow, but the groomed look is down to trimming the hair. Once the brows have been well groomed, it is important to define them. Use an eye shadow to fill brows in rather than a pencil, the results of which can be harsh.

Choose colour one or two shades darker than the hair's natural colour. Using a fine, small, boar bristle, asymmetrical brush, for defining and filling in gaps and teasing an arch.

Donna's Tips
Take out of make up bag

Pressed powder as it emphasise wrinkles and also makes your skin look dryer, & more translucent. Use liquid foundation as this puts moister back into you skin.
Put Into make up bag
Apricot Blush is great to bring warmth to your skin, as the more mature we get the more our skin loses its healthier warm look and goes to a little grey hue.

The Products
Lips - Lipstain- Christian Breton Berry - €19 - Available Salons Nationwide.
Brows - Benefit Brow Kit ZING - €33 - Brown Thomas
Primer - Smashbox Photofinish - €37 - Arnotts , Henry Street