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Blooming Roses with Eugene Higgins

Thursday, 7 September 2006


We all know summer is over but the good news is that roses are still in full bloom. We have our regular green fingered gardener Eugene here to tell us all we need to know about how to keep our roses in tip top shape after summer.

What you need to know about roses
. Roses are one of the most colourful plants.
. Their flowering period is between May and September.
. September is the last month to see them in full bloom.

A bit of history
. The ancient Greeks mastered the art of growing roses.
. The Romans built heated conservatories to grow them, slept on them, used them in food, wine, perfumes and medicines.
. The Crusaders apparently had time to bring home a few to England.

There are eight or nine recognised categories of roses but today Eugene is only going to look at a few of these.

Patio Roses
Patio Roses are fairly manageable, low-growing and spreading roses. They are particularly suitable for suburban gardens approx €7.50 each. Types of these include
. Sweet Memories
. Blue Peter
. Marry Me 

The David Austin Rose
The David Austin Rose is named after the company in the UK that developed this type of rose. These are the crème de la crème of roses; buying a David Austin is like buying a Mercedes; they are expensive but you do get what you pay for - they are more refined, look fantastic, respond extremely well to the garden and are less susceptible to disease. They are appox €18.99 each. Types of these include
. Graham Thomas 
. Mary Rose 
. Molineux

If your roses suffer disease Eugene knows of a few products that could help
. Rose Clear 3 - treats greenfly, whitefly, blackspot, mildew -  appox €8.95
. Captain - an old method for treating mildew and blackspot - approx €8.90
. Bug Gun - approx - €7.95
. Garlic Barrier Foliar Feed (organic) - because pests (not just vampires) hate garlic -  €6

What to do in the garden this weekend
. Raise the height of your lawn mower when cutting the lawn.
. Buy Perennials in the autumn they may look shabby but it's the roots that count ie. Astilbes, Lupins, Delphiniums.
. Don't give up on your summer bedding plants yet. Keep feeding them.
. Clear space of weeds if you plan to seed a new lawn. Autumn is the best time to seed a new lawn.

Further Information
All roses supplied by Hughes Roses
For your local supplier contact
Hughes Roses
Tel: 835 4533