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Hair Styles With Noel

Tuesday, 23 May 2006


So often we watch TV hairdressers create looks on the TV that would take too long in the real world or be impossible for you to achieve at home. Noel Sutton has been put to the test to create two five minute hair do's that can be achieved by us at home.

To prove this we have two sets of twins in studio. One twin in each pair will have their hair done by Noel then the other twin has twenty minutes to re-create the look.

The Twins
Ciara Riordan and Aisling Riordan,  Aoife Wyer and Fiona Wyer.

Hairstyle One - Summer Side-Pony
This is a great look for the beach this summer it's simple and sexy too. Great for a hassle free night or daytime look.
Noel will create the "Summer Side Pony" look on twin Ciara then her twin sister Aisling will then have to recreate the same look on her own.
The Products
Charles Worthington Take-Away Sun Shine Spray - €2.59 Boots
Flowered Scrunchie - €3.50 - H & M

Five Steps to Getting The Look
. Summer is here so it's time to protect the hair, Noel will apply the sun protection to Ciara's hair and massage it into hair and scalp and through to the ends.
. Tease the hair with your fingers, to give you a tousled look, don't be afraid to go for it in a big way.
. Bring your hair over to one side behind your ear.
. Secure with your favourite hair accessory.
. Tease the ends of your hair to complete the messy look.

Hairstyle Two - Beach Bum Bun
A  great look for the summer, messy is a must have this season in hair, also this style works best on unwashed hair so means you don't have to shampoo and condition after a day on the beach to look sophisticated at night.
Noel will create the "Beach Bum Bun" look on twin Aoife then her twin sister Fiona will have to recreate the same look on her own using Noel's advice.
The Products
L'Oreal Hairspray - €10.50 - Pharmacies Nationwide.
Hair elastics - €2.50 - H & M.
Hair Pins from - €1.50 - any pharmacy or accessory shop.

Five Steps to Getting The Look
. Place elastic round your neck first because this will help you at the end.
. Section out the hair and backcomb into the roots to give a good two inch life to the root all over the head, pay special attention to the back of your hair. ( Noel will have already made a good start on this on the night)
. Gather all you hair to the back of your head and wrap it into a twirl at the back and secure with bobbie pins.
. Use hairspray to fix the style in place.
. Pull up the elastic from around your neck to the top of your head for an elegant summer look.