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Sun Beauties

Tuesday, 16 May 2006


It is sun awareness week and we launched the Sun Smart Campaign on Monday. Kate Conkey who is extremely sunscreen conscious herself has been looking into the latest beauty products with built-in sunscreens. So that you can make your beauty regime sun proof.

The Science Bit
There are two types of rays that damage our skin in the sun: UVA and UVB.
. UVB - these are the rays that cause the immediate damage, they cause sunburn
. UVA - these are the rays that don't necessarily have any immediately visible effects but cause long-term damage, in the form of age spots and wrinkles. These rays beat down on us day in day out all year round.

When choosing a sunscreen it is important to get one that protects again UVA and UVB rays.
SPF stands for (Sun Protection Factor) which is a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen. The higher the SPF the more protection a sunscreen offers against UVA and UVB rays Sunscreen should be worn all-year-round to protect again cumulative damage. It will also out you at lower risk of skin cancer.
The minimum SPF most cancer charities advocate is SPF 15.
Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.
The ancient Greeks used olive oil as sunscreen.
The first effective sunscreen was invented during WW2, at that time many soldiers were getting serious sunburn. A pharmacist Benjamin Greene created a thick red sunscreen which was a primitive sunscreen.
Sun damage is permanent and irreversible. It also accumulates - the damage you cause to your skin one year is added on to damage in previous years.

Sun Myth
"If you prevent sunburn you prevent skin cancer"
This is inaccurate because sunburn is caused by UVB rays which can be protected again with sunscreen but many sunscreen now but more so in the past did not prevent against UVA rays that cause more permanent damage.

The Products
These are the essentials that would make your everyday beauty routine sun proof. We want viewers to consider buying cosmetics with a built in SPF rather then their regular ones.

Hand Cream
This is a new anti-aging hand cream from Neutrogena, said to reduce and prevent brown spots.
Neutrogena Hand Cream SPF 15 - € 5.99 - Tesco, Supermarkets and Chemists Nationwide.

. This is a base which can be used either as a base or alone to even out sin complexion.
Shiseido Pre-Make-Up Base SPF 15 - €31 - Available at Arnotts, Brown Thomas and Selected Pharmacies Nationwide.
. Kate says that all of the products she is recommending here can be used by men but because many men wouldn't buy make-up this is a start it's a mans' moisturizer with a built in SPF.
Clinique Moisturiser for Men SPF 15 - € 32 - Available in Department Stores Nationwide.

. This is make-up made by minerals and is totally green.
id bareMinerals make-up SPF 15 - €44.50 - Available from Anu Therapie Drogheda or online at
. Chanel Hydramax Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 - €33 - Available in Department Strores Nationwide.
. This is a small tub of booster it is essentially SPF in a jar so you can add it to your foundation to make it sunproof if you they don't make your favourite brand with an SPF
Dermalogica Solar Booster SPF 30 - €35.00 - Available from And department stores nationwide.

The eyes are extra sensitive, so need more protection than other parts of your face. This is a great concealer with a high SPF.
MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 - €15 - All Major Department Stores.

Stila Sheer Powder Compact SPF 15 - €25 - All Major Department Stores.

Bronzing Powder
Lancome Bronzing Powder SPF 8 - €27.50 - All Major Department Stores.

Lipstick & Gloss
Laura Mercier Lip Kiss SPF 15 - €25 - All Major Department Stores.
MAC Lip Conditioner - €17 - All Major Department Stores.