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Silky Legs For The Summer!

Tuesday, 9 May 2006


Step into summer with silky smooth beautiful legs! Suzanne Walsh's master class on how to keep your legs silky smooth this summer.
Suzanne will talk us through all the latest hair removal products on the market, razors, waxes, creams and epilators.
There are loads of way to fuzz free legs, razors, waxes, mousse, cream and epilators. Suzanne has chosen a selection of the newest and best hair removal products on the market.

. Exfoliate
Exfoliating dead skin cells from the legs will get rid of tired dried skin and also helps reduce the appearance of orange peel, and reduce the like hood of ingrown hairs. Exfoliating before any hair removing method will greatly assist in a thorough job. By removing the dead skin cells before shaving you greatly reduce the chance of getting a nasty razor nick. Razor nicks occur when the razor becomes clogged with dead skin cells so exfoliation is essential. When waxing on exfoliate skin the wax can adhere to the hair much better than when dead skin cells are present. Always remove the exfoliant thoroughly.

The Products
. Elle Macpherson Fruit & Honey Exfoliator - €8.95 
A magical blend of wild honey, sweet lime and vitamin E to help keep your body feeling sensuous and gorgeous. A thorough scrub and a real treat.  
. Boots Exfoliating Gloves - €3.95
These are a really handy little invention no need for separate exfoliator just exfoliates with your shower gel or just water.
Exfoliating Tips
. You don't need to rub hard, the product should do its job with a gentle rub
. Talc the legs, allows the wax to grip better and helps with the pain factor.
. Make sure you follow instructions on wax pots, and if it feels hot stop immediately and let the wax cool down
. Applying the wax, roll on in direction of hair, ie roll on downwards.
. Pull strip off close to the skin in opposite direction to the hair growth, pulling close to skin, is less painful and avoids bruising.
. To avoid bruising at the back of the legs, try waxing diagonally this will avoid bruising, and only wax small sections at a time.
. Don't put any tanning products or have a hot shower in the following 24 hours after a wax.

Hair Removal Products & Methods
. Veet hair removal gel cream - €12.35 - Available in Pharmacies Nationwide
Leave on for two to six minutes, Suzanne tried it had it on 1 and a half minutes and it burnt her arm, definitely not for sensitive skin or areas. In Suzanne's opinion these should be left alone, there are other options and she thinks cost they are so strong just be left alone.
. Gillette Venus Vibrance - €14.20 - Available in Pharmacies Nationwide
This is new the shaver vibrates which is supposed to exfoliate at you shave, makes for a gentler shave. Tip to avoid cutting knees and missing areas, try using foam so you know where you've shaved. Also you can shave in both directions, the is key is concentration!
Make sure you rinse off shaving foam and avoid putting on tan immediately.
It's a myth that hair grows back thicker, they just look thicker because you've shaved off the point and hair is now blunt.
. Silk epil by Braun - €68.95 - Available in Pharmacies Nationwide
Tweeze hairs out from the root, Suzanne tested this out on her own legs wasn't that painful, grows back finer, is similar to waxing. Probably not suitable on bikini line if you're a bit of a wimp.
. Veet ready to use wax strips - €14.99
. Veet warm wax roll on - €12.35
. Loreal Perfectslim Leg Relief - €15.99
. Benefit Jiggle Gel - €26.50
Both products help swollen tired legs and help firm, great for aftercare once you've smooth legs.

Of course though it is summer which is the season to wax. Women turn to waxing in their thousands in the summer to ensure that they don't have to shave their legs on holiday. One wax should keep you happily hairless for your whole holiday.
5 Steps To a Wonderful Wax
1. Exfoliate
2. Powder the legs
3. Apply wax in direction and hair and press on strip leaving end free
4. Pull back strip quickly but pull close to the skin
5. Once all hair is removed apply moisturizer.

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