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Perfect Feet

Tuesday, 2 May 2006


Yes it's nearly time to dig out your favourite pair of strappy sandals, but are your feet ready for exposure? We are showing you how to get the perfect pedicure at home! Bernadette Driscoll our beauty therapist for today will be showing us how to make our feet gorgeous for the summer!

Bernadette Driscoll - Beauty Therapist
Bernadette is the proprietor of Nue Blu Eriu on South William Street she has worked with some of the best in the business. She is taking her team of experts out to The Cannes Film Festival from 10th May to 17th May and is giving us a sneak preview of what the celebs will be sporting on their toes this summer. Last year at Cannes she work on Dennis Hopper giving him his first ever pedicure, Jeremy Edwards, former Holby City actor and Tracy Barlow from Coronation Street!

Our Road Testers
Sandra Egan
Sandra is thirty five years old and from Navan, she works in administration at Temple Street Childrens' Hospital, she is due to get married in June to fiancé John who is also from Navan. Sandra says she is product mad, she has lotions and potions for everything but she admits that the preening stops when it comes to her feet, about the most adventurous she gets is a bit of nail polish!
Louise Kings
Louise is thirty one and from Dublin but she has recently moved to Brittas Bay, she works for East Coast Radio along with her fiancé Michael. But the pair are in no rush to get married and haven't set a date yet. Louise is a bit of a product princess she told me "you might not find food in my fridge but I always have products". She has had a professional pedicure in the past and unlike Sandra does her own home pedicures on a regular basis; she does one a week in the summer.
Sophie Grenham
Sophie is twenty two and from Dublin, but she was brought up in Hong Kong, she is currently studying for a post-grad in English at UCD. She also works part time in retail at The Body Shop. She is a self confessed product queen. She has had a professional manicure, but has never had or done a pedicure.

A pedicure is basically a way to improve the appearance of the feet. The word comes from the latin word "pes" which means foot and "cura" which means care. A pedicure can help to prevent nail diseased and disorders.
The history of pedicures dates back as far a ancient Egypt.
If you are diabetic you should always tell the nail technician so the technician will be extra careful with implement so not to break the skin, often diabetics have problems with clotting and bruising.
Hygiene is paramount, you don't want to leave the salon with more than colourful toe-nails, often poor sanitation and lack of proper sterilization can lead to the spread of fungi and bacteria and can lead to infection.
Ideally you should have a pedicure every four to six weeks.

What You Need For a Home Pedicure
. Pumice stone or dry skin buffer
. Toe separators or cotton balls/roll
. Emory board
. Cuticle remover
. Orangewood stick
. Color nail polish
. Base coat
. Top coat
. Nail polish remover
. Quick dry spray
. Nail clippers
. Dish pan
. Cotton balls
. Towels
. Cuticle nippers, if desired
. Lotion
. Nail buffer, if desired
. Paper pedicure slippers, if desired.

Ten Steps To Pedicure Perfection
1. Soak Feet
2. Remove any old nail polish
3. clip toe nails straight across with clippers
4. Use nail file to smooth edges and sides, best shape: square with rounded edges
5. Dip foot file into water and use it to smooth heels, balls of feet, and outside of pinkie toes
6. Use cuticle stick or edge of nail file to push cuticles back, the use nail brush dipped into exfoliating scrub to clean area where nail meets skin.
7. Rinse and dry feet, then apply foot lotion and massage in
8. Wash moisturizer off toe nails and dry
9. Create space between toes with toe separator
10. Apply one coat of base, two coats of season's hottest colour and 1 layer of top coat.

Beach Bronze Look
This is where Bernadette will start the demo and tips for a home pedicure, she will show us how to:
. Banishing hard skin and calluses
. Groom our cuticles
. Polish to perfection
Cannes Catwalk Glamour
Bernadette will already have finished this 2nd foot so she is going to talk through who she worked on last year in Cannes, and what is stylish this season, The Cannes Catwalk Look will be a traditional French polish which is going to be back this season, it's nothing new but it is really classy looking and flattering.  The French polish is a tricky one to put on so Bernadette will talk us through some time saving tips for the French polish.
Bernadette Tips
. Avoid metal blades for filing calluses, pumice stones are much better for the skin.
. Choose colours that flatter your skin tone, if you wouldn't wear yellow clothes why try it on your nails.
. Always wet buff your feet, dry buffing can lead to you cutting your foot

Home Pedicure Kits
. Sandra's Kit - Boots Pedicure Perfection - €24 - Boots Nationwide
Contains, cleansing foot fizz, smoothing foot scrub, softening foot butter, foot buffer, 2 orange sticks, sapphire nail file, toe separators and nail clippers Does not contain any nail varnish.
. Louise's Kit - Relaxology Pedicure Kit - €5.99 - Hickey's Pharmacies Nationwide.
Contains, toe nail file, cuticle sticks, mini nailbrush, foot shape foot file. Does not contain any lotions or nail varnish.
. Sophie's Kit - OPI Barefoot Beauty Kit - €29.95 - Salons Nationwide 0044 (0)870 351 5206. Available in Beauty Salons Nationwide and in Northern Ireland where the company is based
Contains: Nail base-coat, top coat, toe separators, pedicure softening lotion, coconut and melon moisturiser, nail clippers, cuticle sticks and a correction pen. Does not include main nail colour or a foot buffer.

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