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Make Overs For Our Health Fix ' 06 Volunteers!

Thursday, 13 April 2006


Our health fix 06 volunteers are getting a well deserved make-over after all their efforts of keeping fit, staying healthy and feeling better then they ever had before. We have all our experts in Bairbre, Noel and Ivey!

Their Make Over Wishes

Catherine's Wish
. Hair
Something sexy and manageable
. Make-up
Introduce some new colours to her make-up bag
. Clothes wish
Something different for nights out on the town

 John's Wish
. Hair
To have a few more options when it come to styling my hair
. Grooming
To learn a few basic pointers
. Clothing
To get some fitted clothing to show off John's new look

Maruerite's Wish
. Hair
A new look for the new Marguerite
. Make-up
Tips for everyday application
. Clothes
Something glamorous for her brother's upcoming wedding

Catehrine's Make up
Catherine wears quite a bit of make-up every day, but is bored of using the same grey eye shadow and would like help choosing new eye make-up to suit her blonde, blue eyed looks Ivey is going to recommend.
The Products
YSL 24 carat gold lip gloss - €23 - Brown Thomas
Faces bronzer for cheekbones - €16.50 - Arnotts Department Store
Dior 5 colour eyeshadow palette - €44.50 - Stockists Nationwide
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara - €12.49 - Boots the Chemist.

John's Products
John is a typical man who has never used nay products in his life, he lucky enough that he has no skin or shaving problems, but he should be using the basics, sunscreen and moisturizer.
The Products
Clarins Moisture Balm - €35 - Department Stores and Chemists Nationwide.
Clarins Shine Free Gel - €35 - Department Stores and Chemists Nationwide

Marguerite's Make Up
Marguerite wears glasses and has a few problems with dark circles under her eyes
The Products
YSL Limited Edition Palette, contains 2 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and a bronzer - €50 - Brown Thomas
Dior Black eyeliner for more drama at night-time

Catherine' Clothes
Catherine wanted something she could dress up in and feel great in on a night out on the town.
Dressy Option
Turquoise dress - €200 - Coast
Smart Casual Option
Colourful top - €225
Skirt - €200 -  Shirt Passion,  Arnotts.

John's Clothes
John found that when he was shopping before he either bought clothes that were comfortable but covered him up, or he bought clothes that were too small in the hope of losing some weight.
Smart Casual Option
Blue shirt - €59.90 M & S
Tie - €19.50 M&S
Linen Jacket - €132 M&S
Matching trousers - €59 - M & S
Casual Option
A bright and fitted jumper to show off John's new look €89.95 and shirt €74.95 both from Club Rugby at Arnotts and Clearys and selected boutiques nationwide.

Marguerite's Clothes
Marguerite is looking for an outfit for her brothers wedding next week. She has one foot which is bigger than the other and so finding shoes can be difficult, also Marguerite has not been in a skirt for years so our challenge was to get her in a skirt.

Dressy Option
Polka dot outfit
Top - €80 - Basler
Skirt - €160 - Basler
Jacket - €275 - Basler
Smart Casual Option
Jacket - €295 - Helen McAlinden, at Brown Thomas.
Cami Top - €125 - Helen McAlinden, at Brown Thomas.
Jeans - €119 - €139 - Pamela Scott

The Reveal Outfits
Dress - €299 - Regine, Arnotts, Clearys and Boutiques Nationwide.
Matching Wrap - €99 - Regine, Arnotts, Clearys and Boutiques Nationwide.
Shoes - €84.50 - River Island
Suit - €425 - Magee
Pink Shirt - €70 - Magee
Tie - €50 - Magee
Crochet Cardi - €95 - Libra Design
Chiffon Cami Top - €74 - Libra Design
Skirt - €175 from Libra Design