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Citrus Make - Up!

Tuesday, 4 April 2006


Sharon Stone recently was spotted sporting yellow lipstick; it would seem that citrus shades and back in vogue and Sharon isn't the only celebrity jumping on the citrus band- wagon! Ivey Sullivan is in today to show us how to make this very unusual look work as the last time we really saw these colours in vogue was in the 1980s.

. If you're pale stay well clear of yellow.
. Avoid doing your face in all citrus colours, just do either lips or eyes.
. Plenty of black eyeliner and lashings of mascara will make the look much less severe and more wearable.
. Make sure you blend properly there is nothing worse than patchy yellow eyeshadow.

The Products

Model 1
Faces Yellow Eye Shadow - €12.50 - Arnotts, sold with a gold shimmer €14.00
BU Green Eye Pencil - €11.10 - Roaches Stores
Faces No 72 - €17.50 - Arnotts
Mabeline Lip Gloss - €5.50 - Chemists Nationwide
Faces Yellow Nail Polish - €7.50 - Arnotts
Model 2
KIKO Lime Green Eye Shadow - €13.90 - Roaches Stores
Red Earth Bright Orange Eye Shadow - €12.00 - Roaches Stores
Art Deco Lipstick 558 Fluro Orange - €11.95 - Roaches Stores
Lancome Juicy Gelee - €18.50 - chemists & department stores nation wide
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