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Spring Cleaning Your Make-Up Bag!

Wednesday, 29 March 2006


It is a fact that most women have so much clutter in their handbags that they never use. They keep eye shadows and foundations just in case they might need them at some time in the future. Well summer is nearly here and it's time to spring clean your make-up bag and keep it down to bare essentials. Armand Beasley is going to show us how to spring clean our make-up bags!

Armand's Tips
. Be ruthless, if you haven't used it in two months, bin it!
. Only keep your mascara three months!
. Never plunge mascara in and out, this only traps the air and clogs your mascara!
. Ditch those mucky sponges!
. Use multi-purpose products to save space in you make-up bag!
. Invest in a clear make-up bag to avoid routing around in your bag!
. Travel Size brushes are hand space savers!
. Keep an essential day make-up bag and an essential evening make-up bag!

. Shiseido Lifting Foundation -  €40 
A good all round foundation which is a pump action dispenser. Armand recommends pump action foundations because they harbor fewer germs; will stop re-occurring break-outs.
Available in BTs, Arnotts, and Selected Pharmacies.

. Shiseido Stick Foundation - €34
Really handy to have in your handbag for touch ups.
Available in BTs, Arnotts, and Selected Pharmacies

. Lancome Definicils, 01 Noir Infini - €23
A really good basic mascara.

. Lancome Colour Focus Palette - € 41
Four great spring colours, pink, blue, and two beige shades, along with three applicators. Again the set contains a built in mirror so you can re-apply anywhere!

. Clinique Colour Surge Palette, Teddy Bear - €31
An eyeshadow quad in a handy compact with a mirror, perfect for use in the hand-bag.

. Clinique Colour Rub, Bronze Glow - €23
A liquid, that provides lightweight glimmer to the skin. You can use it by itself as a highlighter for cheeks, collarbone and brow bone or over your foundation or moisturizer for all over glow.
Available in all large department stores nationwide.

. NARS Multiple - €40.50
Can be used for cheeks, eyes and lips comes in variety of shades.
Available in Brown Thomas
. Elizabeth Arden 8hour Cream - €25
Supposed to be the miracle sure for everything, celebs are constantly raving on about it; it works wonders on blemishes, minor burns, sunburn and cracked lips.
Available in all large department stores nationwide.


. Chanel Lipstick - €23
Go for a long lasting lipstick in a natural shade which had a satin finish.

. Vaseline - €1.39
Everywoman should have their tub of Vaseline, it's great for keeping lips soft and moisturized and gives them an irresistible shine.
Available in all large department stores nationwide.

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