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Herb Gardens With Eugene Higgins!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006


As we're finding out all about the essential herbs for household, our green fingered expert Eugene Higgins is stopping by to talk us through the best way to create your own herb garden!

Eugene will show us the best methods for growing your own herbal garden. Eugene has broken the herbs down into three categories.

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Most herbs start out in the house at this time of the year because in mid to late march weather will be better. Overall its better to start outdoors as the conditions indoors aren't great as central heating tends to dry out the atmosphere.

. The best place for herbs is a warm, sunny area of the garden or in a greenhouse.
. The next best thing would be a heated porch or on a window sill in a bright, cool room.
. The best place for seeds is on a window sill or in a heated porch or greenhouse, as it's a bit cold for them to grow outdoors at the moment.

It's pretty wet and cold so it's recommended to start growing herbs indoors; however it's important to remember to keep an eye on the plants as moisture tends to evaporate in the heat. This can also happen in outdoor warm weather. Don't let plants or seeds dry out. If you can squeeze water out of the compost then it's too wet. But if the compost has moved away from the edge of the pot then all the moisture is gone from the soil and it'll be very hard to revive the problem.