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Raising Eyebrows!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006


Suzanne Walsh is going to groom two sets of eyebrows. She will show us how to do it properly, from taming bushy wild eyebrows to bulking up over plucked eyebrows.

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features and one of the most neglected, they are usually the last thing a woman or a man considers. You eyebrows if groomed correctly can change the whole look of your face, they're not noticeable, but they frame your eye drawing attention to them. If they are badly groomed though, they only draw attention to themselves.

Filling in Thin Brows
. Mark the beginning and end of the eyebrow using a white pencil.
. A powder brush and suitable powder colour are required. Powder creates both volume and colour. Volume not just colour are needed to emphasis sparse eyebrows.
. A rule of thumb for brow colour is for dark haired people to go one or two shades lighter and for light haired people to go one or two shades darker.
. Stick with thinner shapes as they will look more natural.
. Gently build up the colour through the eyebrow and blend in gently. Using a brush instead of a pencil gives a softer finish without harsh lines.
. Remember practice makes perfect!

Correcting Certain Problems with Eyebrows
. High Forehead: The arch should only be slightly elevated. Take out only one or two hairs.
. Low Forehead: Keep arch low. Leave in one or two extra hairs.
. A Round Face: Arch the brows slightly higher to give the illusion of more length- take out three or four extra hairs.
. A Long Face: Keep the arch low to create more width to the face. Similar to the low forehead.
. Close Set Eyes: Tweeze a couple of extra hairs at the beginning of the brow to create more space
. Wide Set Eyes: Leave in a couple hairs at the beginning of the brow to create less space.

Fixing Problem Eyebrows
. Thick Brows are identified by the stray hairs that grow down into the crease area of the eye lid. This closes the space between the brow and the crease, consequently, making the eye appear smaller and closed.
. Brows That Are Too Long are identified by the stray hairs that grow down the outer corner of the eyebrow. This creates the illusion of drooping eyes. It changes the whole face and creates a very sad or melancholy look. It also makes the eyes appear older.
. One Brow Look or Unibrow can be identified by the stray hairs that grow across the bridge of the nose. This gives the illusion of having one eyebrow over two eyes. It creates a very stern, unpleasant and angry look. This also makes the eyes look close set.
. Brows that have a rounded or too high of an arch. These can be identified by the excessive space from the crease to the brow. This creates a quizzical or a stunned appearance. It also gives the illusion of a permanent frown line and makes the eyes appear to be smaller.

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