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Friday, 17 February 2006


Guys have gone from secretly pinching some of their girlfriends' moisturizers, to owning enough beauty products to make most drag queens blush. It's official. Men are now wearing makeup. Don't believe us? Next time you're out shopping, take a look at the cosmetics section, where entire shelves are now dedicated to men. 

Armand Beasley is in today making up some boys and also giving the men tips on how to wear make up with out people knowing! Let's cover up those black circles and spots!!

Famous Faces
. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
. Cillian Murphy in Breakfast on Pluto
. Pete Burns (you spin me right round)
. David Bowie
. Adam Ant
. David Backham famously wore nail varnish

Tips & Advice
Of course the key to make-up for men is the opposite of women, make-up is supposed to be invisible on men. Think less is more.

What do You Wear?
Men's Lips
Lip balm is practical as it puts an end to cracked and chapped lips making your lips as kissable as the womens!
Men's Eyes
Use a concealer to cover up your black circles. Concealers should not be too light, nor too grey or too pink. One with warm colours will awaken your eyes. Avoid stick concealers they are too doughy and might become visible.
Men's Spots & Blemishes
Choose concealer the same colour as your skin.
Men's Eyelashes & Eyebrows
Try a bit of clear mascara to lengthen lashes and keep brows in place.
Men's Bronzer
 Make sure there's no glitter and try for one with a yellow component.

The Stats on Men & Make-Up
. The sale of soap has gone down 62%.
. Male grooming products amount to € 600 million annually.
. Sales of moisturizers made especially for men have increased by over 200%.

Daniel Wears Make-Up
For Daniel we are going to tackle shine and blemishes and under eye bags. Armand will show us how to apply make-up for men.
He will use the Clinique blotting paper which you place over the oily area and it soaks up the excess oil. He will then use the botanic concealer to over-up blemishes

The Products
Clinique Blotting Papers - €17
Botanics Concealer Stick - €9.10
Sisley Under-Eye Concealer - €48
Touche Eclat - €26.50
Clearsil Spot Fighting Cream - €5.80

Stephan Wears Make-Up
For Stephan we are going to eye lashes and eyebrows, and bronzer and lips. Applying to clear mascara to the eye lashes and eyebrows for shape and definition, the Bronzer which must have no glitter is for that all-over healthy glow, and finally a lip-balm which is discreet but will keep chapped lips at bay.

The Products
No. 7 Clear Mascara - €11
MAC Bronzer- €22
Bobbi Brown Bronzer - €32
Jean Paul Gaultier Bronzer - €44
Natural Collection Liptreat - €4.60
Jean Paul Gaultier Lipbalm - €17
Nivea Gloss & Shine - €4.40