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Kiss - Me - Lips!

Monday, 13 February 2006


Valentines Day is the day for kissing, but you want your lips to be luscious, lovely and red, for maximum kissability. Red lips have long been an iconic image; red lipstick never goes out of fashion. Ken Boylan is going to show women that there is no need to fear red lipstick and that everyone can wear it.

We will also get Trevor in to test out whether these lipsticks are truly long lasting!! What have we in store! Keep watching!

The History of Lipstick

. Around 5,000 years ago in Babylon semi-precious jewels were crushed and applied to the lips.
. Ancient Egyptians used Henna to paint their lips. Apparently Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles. Lipsticks with a shimmering effect was initially made using a substance found in fish scales!
. In 1653 an English pastor led a movement declaring the wearing of lipstick "the devils work".
. In 1770 the British Parliament passed a law condemning lipstick, "women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by a cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft"
. Queen Elizabeth the first was famous for whitening her face and reddening her lips with crushed insects
. 1800 Queen Victoria declared make-up impolite, vulgar and something worn by actors and prostitutes.
. Lipstick became especially popular in the 1920s, when women in the US and Europe gained new political voice with the vote. Many suffragettes wore bright red lipstick as a symbol of their newfound voices
. During World War Two wearing lipstick became a patriotic duty, and was given a face of respectability by the glamorous emerging film industry.
. In the 1950s and 1960s stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Doris Day made red lips and sexiness synonymous.
. In the late 50s and 60s Elizabeth Taylor continued this fashion
. Even now, stars like Gwen Steffani, Scarlett Johansen, and Reese Witherspoon are still sporting bold red lips.

Kens Tips
. Go light on the eye make-up and blusher otherwise you risk looking like a clown
. Apply a light layer of foundation to your lips before applying lipstick
. Always outline your lips with liner
. Apply colour with a brush working from centre outwards
. Blot with tissue & apply more layers to make lipstick last longer

Look 1
Creating the perfect red lips on dark skin. Ken will talk through what shades will suit and how to keep the lippy on.

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick - €17.50
Armani Lip pencil - €18.50

Look 2
Creating the perfect red lips on fair skin with red hair. Ken will talk through what shades will suit and how to keep the lippy on.

Bourjois Rouge Lovely Lipstick - €10.50
Lancome Lip Liner Contour Pro - €17

Look 3
Creating the perfect red lips on pale skin with blonde hair. Ken will talk through what shades will suit and how to keep the lippy on.

Maxfactor Lipfinity - €14.49
Stila Lip pencil - €15

All Lipsticks are available in chemists nation wide.